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Alexandru Tatiana and Armada Ana Maria and Dankó Balázs Ödön and Hunyadi Attila and Militaru Andra and Boni Mihai and Nastasa Viorel and Martins Ana and Viveiros Miguel and Pascu Mihail Lucian and Molnár József and Amaral Leonard: Biological Evaluation of Products Formed from the Irradiation of Chlorpromazine with a 266 nm Laser Beam.
Biochemistry & Pharmacology, 2 (1). Azonosító: 109-Terjedelem: 4 p.. ISSN 2167-0501 (2013)

Amaral Leonard and Martins Ana and Spengler Gabriella and Hunyadi Attila and Molnár József: The mechanism by which the phenothiazine thioridazine contributes to cure problematic drug-resistant forms of pulmonary tuberculosis: Recent patents for "new use".
Recent Patents on Anti-Infective Drug Discovery, 8 (3). pp. 206-212. ISSN 1574-891X (2013)

Armada Ana Maria and Alexandru Tatiana and Machado Diana and Dankó Balázs Ödön and Hunyadi Attila and Dinache, Viveiros Andra and Nastasa Viorel and Boni Mihai and Ramos Jorge and Viveiros Miguel and Molnár József and Pascu Mihail Lucian and Amaral Leonard: The InVitro Activity of Products Formed from Exposure of Chlorpromazine to a 266nm LASER Beam Against Species of Mycobacteria of Human Interest.
In Vivo, 27 (5). pp. 605-610. ISSN 0258-851X (2013)


Balázs Attila and Hunyadi Attila and Csábi József and Jedlinszki Nikoletta and Martins Ana and Simon András and Tóth Gábor: H-1 and C-13 NMR investigation of 20-hydroxyecdysone dioxolane derivatives, a novel group of MDR modulator agents.
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry, 51 (12). pp. 830-836. ISSN 0749-1581 (2013)

Bishayee Anupam and Thoppil Roslin J. and Mandal Animesh and Darvesh Altaf S. and Ohanyan Vahagn and Meszaros J. Gary and Háznagy-Radnai Erzsébet and Hohmann Judit: Black currant phytoconstituents exert chemoprevention of diethylnitrosamine-initiated hepatocarcinogenesis by suppression of the inflammatory response.
Molecular Carcinogenesis, 52 (4). pp. 304-317. ISSN 0899-1987 (2013)


Csupor Dezső: Máriatövis – Az Év Gyógynövénye 2013-ban.
Gyógyszerészet, 57 (7). pp. 413-415. ISSN 0017-6036 (2013)

Csupor Dezső and Boros Klára and Dankó Balázs Ödön and Veres Katalin and Szendrei Kálmán and Hohmann Judit: Rapid identification of sibutramine in dietary supplements using a stepwise approach.
Pharmazie, 68 (1). pp. 15-18. ISSN 0031-7144 (2013)

Csupor Dezső and Boros Klára and Hohmann Judit: Low Potency Homeopathic Remedies and Allopathic Herbal Medicines: Is There an Overlap?
PLoS ONE, 8 (9). Azonosító: e74181-Terjedelem: 5 p.. ISSN 1932-6203 (2013)

Csupor Dezső and Kovács Zsuzsanna and Szendrei Kálmán: Gyógyteák: van-e helyük a modern terápiában?
Gyógyszerészet, 57 (11). pp. 653-661. ISSN 0017-6036 (2013)

Csupor Dezső and Roza Orsolya and Forvith Péter and Steiner Kinga: Növényi fogyasztószerek: tények és valóság.
Gyógyszerészet, 57 (12). pp. 732-735. ISSN 0017-6036 (2013)

Csupor Dezső and Rédei Dóra: XIII. Magyar Gyógynövény Konferencia.
Gyógyszerészet, 57 (11). pp. 684-687. ISSN 0017-6036 (2013)

Csupor Dezső and Widowitz Ute and Blazsó Gábor and Laczkó-Zöld Eszter and Tatsimo N. Simplice Joel and Balogh Ágnes and Boros Klára and Dankó Balázs Ödön and Bauer Rudolf and Hohmann Judit: Anti-inflammatory Activities of Eleven Centaurea Species Occurring in the Carpathian Basin.
Phytotherapy Research, 27 (4). pp. 540-544. ISSN 0951-418X (2013)

Czigle Szilvia and Háznagy-Radnai Erzsébet and Pintye-Hódi Klára and Tóth Jaroslav and Tekel'ová Daniela and Máthé Imre: Elemental Analysis of Ginkgo biloba Leaf Samples Collected during One Vegetation Period.
Natural Product Communications, 8 (8). pp. 1153-1154. ISSN 1934-578X (2013)


Hajdu Zsanett and Csupor Dezső and Szendrei Kálmán: Maca - egy hazánkban is népszerű dél-amerikai gyógynövény.
Gyógyszerészet, 57 (3). 156-158, 164. ISSN 0017-6036 (2013)

Hohmann Judit and Rédei Dóra and Kúsz Norbert and Jedlinszki Nikoletta and Forgó Péter and Blazsó Gábor and Zupkó István: Bioactivity-guided isolation of anti-inflammatory constituents from the fruits of buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides).
In: VI. International Conference on Polyphenols and Health. Buenos Aires, Argentína, 2013.10.16-2013.10.19. ICPH, p. 49. (2013)

Hunyadi Attila and Liktor-Busa Erika and Márki Árpád and Martins Ana and Jedlinszki Nikoletta and Hsieh T. J. and Báthori Mária and Hohmann Judit and Zupkó István: Metabolic effects of mulberry leaves: Exploring potential benefits in type 2 diabetes and hyperuricemia.
Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Azonosító: N°948627-Terjedelem: 11 p.. ISSN 1741-427X (2013)

Hunyadi Attila and Martins Ana and Dankó Balázs and Chuang Da-Wei and Trouillas Patrick and Chang Fang-Rong and Wu Yang-Chang and Falkay György: Discovery of the first non-planar flavonoid that can strongly inhibit xanthine oxidase: protoapigenone 1′-O-propargyl ether.
Tetrahedron Letters, 54 (48). pp. 6529-6532. ISSN 0040-4039 (2013)

Hunyadi Attila and Veres Katalin and Dankó Balázs Ödön and Kele Zoltán and Wéber Edit and Hetényi Anasztázia and Zupkó István and Hsieh Tusty-Jiuan: In vitro Anti-diabetic Activity and Chemical Characterization of an Apolar Fraction of Morus alba Leaf Water Extract.
Phytotherapy Research, 27 (6). pp. 847-851. ISSN 0951-418X (2013)

Háznagy-Radnai Erzsébet and Komlós Éva and Czigle Szilvia: Gyógynövény-alkalmazás a Bibliától a mai orvoslásig: a tömjén.
Gyógyszerészet, 57 (1). pp. 35-44. ISSN 0017-6036 (2013)


Janicsák Gábor and Háznagy-Radnai Erzsébet and Engel Rita and Blunden Gerald and Máthé Imre: TLC-densitometry of rosmarinic and caffeic acids in the evaluation of lamiaceae species growing in central Europe.
JPC - Journal of Planar Chromatography - Modern TLC, 26 (2). pp. 132-136. ISSN 0933-4173 (2013)

Jedlinszki Nikoletta and Rédei Dóra and Haller József and Freund Tamás F and Hohmann Judit and Zupkó István: Pharmacokinetics of dodeca-2E,4E,8Z,10E/Z-tetraenoic acid isobutylamides after oral administration of Echinacea angustifolia extract in rats.
In: 9th Balaton Symposium on High-Performance Separation Methods. Siófok, Magyarország, 2013.09.04-2013.09.06. Hungarian Society for Separation Sciences, Pécs, p. 116. (2013) ISBN 978-963-89335-2-2


Kiss Tivadar and Orvos Péter and Bánsághi Száva and Forgó Péter and Jedlinszki Nikoletta and Tálosi László and Hohmann Judit and Csupor Dezső: Identification of diterpene alkaloids from Aconitum napellus subsp. firmum and GIRK channel activities of some Aconitum alkaloids.
Fitoterapia, 90. pp. 85-93. ISSN 0367-326X (2013)


Lajter Ildikó and Vasas Andrea and Orvos Péter and Bánsághy Száva and Tálosi László and Jakab Gusztáv and Béni Zoltán and Háda Viktor and Forgó Péter and Hohmann Judit: Inhibition of G Protein-Activated Inwardly Rectifying K+ Channels by Extracts of Polygonum persicaria and Isolation of New Flavonoids from the Chloroform Extract of the Herb.
Planta Medica, 79 (18). pp. 1736-1741. ISSN 0032-0943 (2013)

Lajter Ildikó and Zupkó István and Molnár Judit and Jakab Gusztáv and Balogh Lajos and Vasas Andrea and Hohmann Judit: Antiproliferative Activity of Polygonaceae Species from the Carpathian Basin against Human Cancer Cell Lines.
Phytotherapy Research, 27 (1). pp. 77-85. ISSN 0951-418X (2013)


Martins Ana and Csábi József and Balázs Attila and Kitka Diána and Amaral Leonard and Molnár József and Simon András and Tóth Gábor and Hunyadi Attila: Synthesis and Structure-Activity Relationships of Novel Ecdysteroid Dioxolanes as MDR Modulators in Cancer.
Molecules, 18 (12). pp. 15255-15275. ISSN 1420-3049 (2013)

Martins Ana and Hunyadi Attila and Amaral Leonard: Mechanisms of resistance in bacteria: An evolutionary approach.
Open Microbiology Journal, 7 (Suppl.1). pp. 53-58. ISSN 1874-2858 (2013)

Molnár Judit and Ocsovszki Imre and Puskás László and Ghane Tannaz and Hohmann Judit and Zupkó István: Investigation of the antiproliferative action of the quinoline alkaloids kokusaginine and skimmianine on human cell lines.
Current Signal Transduction Therapy, 8 (2). pp. 148-155. ISSN 1574-3624 (2013)


Pascu Mihail Lucian and Dankó Balázs Ödön and Martins Ana and Jedlinszki Nikoletta and Alexandru Tatiana and Nastasa Viorel and Boni Mihai and Militaru Andra and Andrei Ionut Relu and Staicu Angela and Hunyadi Attila and Fanning Seamus and Amaral Leonard: Exposure of Chlorpromazine to 266 nm Laser Beam Generates New Species with Antibacterial Properties: Contributions to Development of a New Process for Drug Discovery.
PLoS ONE, 8 (2). Azonosító: N°e55767-Terjedelem: 16 p.. ISSN 1932-6203 (2013)

Poór Miklós and Li Yin and Kunsági-Máté Sándor and Kalangyáné Varga Zsófia and Hunyadi Attila and Dankó Balázs and Chang Fang-Rong and Wu Yang-Chang and Kőszegi Tamás: Protoapigenone derivatives: Albumin binding properties and effects on HepG2 cells.
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology, 124. pp. 20-26. ISSN 1011-1344 (2013)


Roza Orsolya and Lovász Norbert and Zupkó István and Hohmann Judit and Csupor Dezső: Sympathomimetic activity of a Hoodia gordonii product: a possible mechanism of cardiovascular side effects.
BioMed Research International. Azonosító: N°171059-Terjedelem: 7 p.. ISSN 2314-6133 (2013)

Rédei Dóra: Lehet? Nem lehet? Gyógynövények alkalmazása terhesség alatt.
Pharma és Flóra - Fitoterápiás továbbképző folyóirat (1). pp. 29-30. ISSN 2062-6231 (2013)


Szendrei Kálmán and Háznagy-Radnai Erzsébet: Acerola, a „C-vitamin bomba”.
Gyógyszerészet, 57 (5). pp. 295-301. ISSN 0017-6036 (2013)

Szendrei Kálmán and Háznagy-Radnai Erzsébet: Újabb "szupergyümölcs" a hazai termékekben, az akai.
Gyógyszerészet, 57 (4). 218-223.; 226. ISSN 0017-6036 (2013)

Szendrei Kálmán and Vasas Andrea: Új növényi segítség az HIV/AIDS-elleni küzdelemben?
Gyógyszerészet, 57 (6). pp. 366-361. ISSN 0017-6036 (2013)

Szendrei Kálmán and Ványolós Attila and Csupor Dezső: A fermentált vörös rizs és a sztatinok.
Gyógyszerészet, 57 (9). pp. 542-543. ISSN 0017-6036 (2013)


Tokuda Harukuni and Maoka Takashi and Suzuiki Nobutaka and Hohmann Judit and Vasas Andrea and Engi Helga and Mucsi Ilona and Olszewski Ulrike and Hamilton Gerhard and Amaral Leonard and Molnár József: Effects of two disiloxanes ALIS-409 and ALIS-421 on chemoprevention in model experiments.
Anticancer Research, 33 (5). pp. 2021-2027. ISSN 0250-7005 (2013)

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