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Dénes, Attila, Röst, Gergely: Single species population dynamics in seasonal environment with short reproduction period.
COMMUNICATIONS ON PURE AND APPLIED ANALYSIS, 20 (2). pp. 755-762. ISSN 1534-0392 (2021)

Röst, Gergely, Bartha, Ferenc Ágoston, Bogya, Norbert, Boldog, Péter Tamás, Dénes, Attila, Ferenci, Tamás, Horváth, Krisztina J., Juhász, Attila, Nagy, Csilla, Tekeli, Tamás, Vizi, Zsolt, Oroszi, Beatrix: Early Phase of the COVID-19 Outbreak in Hungary and Post-Lockdown Scenarios.
VIRUSES, 12 (7). Terjedelem: 30-Azonosító: 708. ISSN 1999-4915 (2020)

Dénes, Attila, Röst, Gergely: Global Analysis of a Cancer Model with Drug Resistance Due to Microvesicle Transfer.
In: Trends in Biomathematics: Modeling Cells, Flows, Epidemics, and the Environment. Springer International Publishing, Cham, pp. 71-80. (2020) ISBN 9783030463052; 9783030463069

Baker, Ruth E., Röst, Gergely: Global Dynamics of a Novel Delayed Logistic Equation Arising from Cell Biology.
JOURNAL OF NONLINEAR SCIENCE, 30 (1). pp. 397-418. ISSN 0938-8974 (2020)

Dénes, Attila, Muroya, Yoshiaki, Röst, Gergely: Global stability of a multistrain SIS model with superinfection and patch structure.
MATHEMATICAL METHODS IN THE APPLIED SCIENCES, 43 (17). pp. 9671-9680. ISSN 0170-4214 (2020)

Balázs, István, Röst, Gergely: Hopf bifurcation for Wright-type delay differential equations: The simplest formula, period estimates, and the absence of folds.
COMMUNICATIONS IN NONLINEAR SCIENCE AND NUMERICAL SIMULATION, 84. Azonosító: 105188 -Terjedelem: 10 p. ISSN 1007-5704 (2020)

Muqbel, Khalil, Vas, Gabriella, Röst, Gergely: Periodic Orbits and Global Stability for a Discontinuous SIR Model with Delayed Control.
QUALITATIVE THEORY OF DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS, 19 (2). Terjedelem:27-Azonosító:59. ISSN 1575-5460 (2020)

Boldog, Péter, Tekeli, Tamás, Vizi, Zsolt, Dénes, Attila, Bartha, Ferenc Ágoston, Röst, Gergely: Risk assessment of novel coronavirus COVID-19 outbreaks outside China.
JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE, 9 (2). Azonosító: 571-Terjedelem: 12 p. ISSN 2077-0383 (2020)

Nah, Kyeongah, Magpantay, Felicia Maria G., Bede-Fazekas, Ákos, Röst, Gergely, Trájer, Attila János, Wu, Xiaotian, Zhang, Xue, Wu, Jianhong: Assessing systemic and non-systemic transmission risk of tick-borne encephalitis virus in Hungary.
PLOS ONE, 14 (6). Terjedelem: 18 p-Azonosító: e0217206. ISSN 1932-6203 (2019)

Baker, Ruth E., Röst, Gergely, Boldog, Péter: Convergence of Solutions in a Mean-Field Model of Go-or-Grow Type with Reservation of Sites for Proliferation and Cell Cycle Delay.
In: Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2018. Springer, pp. 381-387. (2019) ISBN 9783030275495

Wang, Zhen, Röst, Gergely, Moghadas, Seyed M.: Delay in booster schedule as a control parameter in vaccination dynamics.
JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL BIOLOGY, 79 (6-7). pp. 2157-2182. ISSN 0303-6812 (2019)

Karsai, János, Csuma-Kovács, Rita, Dudás, János, Dánielisz, Ágnes, Molnár, Zsuzsanna, Röst, Gergely: On the impact of vaccination on the epidemiology of varicella in Hungary.
In: Proceedings, 18th Conference on Applied Mathematics Aplimat 2019. Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Bratislava, pp. 617-627. (2019) ISBN 9788022748841; 9781510882140

Muqbel, K:, Dénes, Attila, Röst, Gergely: Optimal Temporary Vaccination Strategies for Epidemic Outbreaks.
In: Trends in Biomathematics: Mathematical Modeling for Health, Harvesting, and Population Dynamics. Springer, pp. 299-307. (2019) ISBN 9783030234331

Vizi, Zsolt, Kiss, István Zoltán, Miller, Joel C., Röst, Gergely: A monotonic relationship between the variability of the infectious period and final size in pairwise epidemic modelling.
Journal of Mathematics in Industry, 9. Azonosító: 1-Terjedelem: 15 p. ISSN 2190-5983 (2019)

Dénes, Attila, Röst, Gergely: Dynamics of an infectious disease including ectoparasites, rodents and humans.
In: Trends in Biomathematics: Modeling, Optimization and Computational Problems. Springer, pp. 59-73. (2018) ISBN 9783319910918

Röst, Gergely, Kuniya, Toshikazu, Moghadas, Seyed M., Wu, Jianhong: Global dynamics of an epidemiological model with age-of-infection dependent treatment rate.
RICERCHE DI MATEMATICA, 67 (1). pp. 125-140. ISSN 0035-5038 (2018)

Nakata, Yukihiko, Röst, Gergely: Global stability of an SIS epidemic model with a finite infectious period.
DIFFERENTIAL AND INTEGRAL EQUATIONS, 31 (3-4). pp. 161-172. ISSN 0893-4983 (2018)

Röst, Gergely, Vizi, Zsolt, Kiss, István Zoltán: Pairwise approximation for SIR-type network epidemics with non-Markovian recovery.

Barbarossa, Maria Vittoria, Van Leeuwen-Polner, Mónika, Röst, Gergely: Temporal evolution of immunity distributions in a population with waning and boosting.
COMPLEXITY, 2018. Terjedelem: 13 p-Azonosító: 9264743. ISSN 1076-2787 (2018)

Győri, István, Yukihiko, Nakata, Röst, Gergely: Unbounded and blow-up solutions for a delay logistic equation with positive feedback.
COMMUNICATIONS ON PURE AND APPLIED ANALYSIS, 17 (6). pp. 2845-2854. ISSN 1534-0392 (2018)

Kiss, Gábor, Röst, Gergely: Controlling Mackey-Glass chaos.
CHAOS, 27 (11). Terjedelem: 7 p.-Azonosító: 114321. ISSN 1054-1500 (2017)

Dénes, Attila, Muroya, Yoshiaki, Röst, Gergely: Global stability of a multistrain SIS model with superinfection.
MATHEMATICAL BIOSCIENCES AND ENGINEERING, 14 (2). pp. 421-435. ISSN 1547-1063 (2017)

Shoukat, Affan, Espindola, Aquino L., Röst, Gergely, Moghadas, Seyed M.: How the interval between primary and booster vaccination affects long-term disease dynamics.
In: Mathematical Biology and Biological Physics. World Scientific, Singapore, pp. 60-71. (2017)

Knipl, Diána, Röst, Gergely, Moghadas, Seyed M.: Population dynamics of epidemic and endemic states of drug-resistance emergence in infectious diseases.
PEERJ, 5. Azonosító: e2817-Terjedelem: 14 p.. ISSN 2167-8359 (2017)

Barbarossa, Maria Vittoria, Van Leeuwen-Polner, Mónika, Röst, Gergely: Stability switches induced by immune system boosting in an SIRS model with discrete and distributed delays.
SIAM JOURNAL ON APPLIED MATHEMATICS, 77 (3). pp. 905-923. ISSN 0036-1399 (2017)

Liu, Rongsong, Röst, Gergely, Gourley, Stephen A.: Age-dependent intra-specific competition in pre-adult life stages and its effects on adult population dynamics.
EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED MATHEMATICS, 27 (1). pp. 131-156. ISSN 0956-7925 (2016)

El-Morshedy, Hassan A., Röst, Gergely, Ruiz-Herrera, Alfonso: Global dynamics of delay recruitment models with maximized lifespan.
ZEITSCHRIFT FÜR ANGEWANDTE MATHEMATIK UND PHYSIK, 67 (3). Azonosító: 56.-Terjedelem: 15 p. ISSN 0044-2275 (2016)

Dénes, Attila, Röst, Gergely: Global stability for SIR and SIRS models with nonlinear incidence and removal terms via Dulac functions.
DISCRETE AND CONTINUOUS DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS-SERIES B, 21 (4). pp. 1101-1117. ISSN 1531-3492 (2016)

Röst, Gergely, Vizi, Zsolt, Kiss, István Zoltán: Impact of Non-Markovian Recovery on Network Epidemics.
In: Biomat 2015. World Scientific, pp. 40-53. (2016) ISBN 978-981-3141-90-2

Wu, Xiaotian, Röst, Gergely, Zou, Xingfu: Impact of spring bird migration on the range expansion of Ixodes scapularis tick population.
BULLETIN OF MATHEMATICAL BIOLOGY, 78 (1). pp. 138-168. ISSN 0092-8240 (2016)

Knipl, Diána, Röst, Gergely: Spatially heterogeneous populations with mixed negative and positive local density dependence.
THEORETICAL POPULATION BIOLOGY, 109. pp. 6-15. ISSN 0040-5809 (2016)

Nah, Kyeongah, Röst, Gergely: Stability threshold for scalar linear periodic delay differential equations.

Liu, Maoxing, Liz, Eduardo, Röst, Gergely: Endemic bubbles generated by delayed behavioral response: global stability and bifurcation switches in an SIS model.
SIAM JOURNAL ON APPLIED MATHEMATICS, 75 (1). pp. 75-91. ISSN 0036-1399 (2015)

Kiss, István Zoltán, Röst, Gergely, Vizi, Zsolt: Generalization of pairwise models to non-Markovian epidemics on networks.
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 115. Terjedelem: 13 p-Azonosító: Paper 078701. ISSN 0031-9007 (2015)

Nakata, Yukihiko, Röst, Gergely: Global analysis for spread of infectious diseases via transportation networks.
JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL BIOLOGY, 70 (6). pp. 1411-1456. ISSN 0303-6812 (2015)

Nakata, Yukihiko, Röst, Gergely: Global dynamics of a delay differential system of a two-patch SIS-model with transport-related infections.
MATHEMATICA BOHEMICA, 140 (2). pp. 171-193. ISSN 0862-7959 (2015)

Barbarossa, Maria Vittoria, Röst, Gergely: Immuno-epidemiology of a population structured by immune status: a mathematical study of waning immunity and immune system boosting.
JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL BIOLOGY, 71 (6-7). pp. 1737-1770. ISSN 0303-6812 (2015)

Barbarossa, Maria Vittoria, Röst, Gergely: Mathematical models for vaccination, waning immunity and immune system boosting: a general framework.
In: BIOMAT 2014. World Scientific, Singapore, pp. 185-205. (2015)

Knipl, Diána, Pilarczyk, Pawel, Röst, Gergely: Rich bifurcation structure in a two-patch vaccination model.
SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems, 14 (2). pp. 980-1017. ISSN 1536-0040 (2015)

Barbarossa, Maria Vittoria, Dénes, Attila, Kiss, Gábor, Yukihiko, Nakata, Röst, Gergely, Vizi, Zsolt: Transmission dynamics and final epidemic size of Ebola Virus Disease outbreaks with varying interventions.
PLoS ONE, 10 (7). pp. 1-21. ISSN 1932-6203 (2015)

Röst, Gergely, Vizi, Zsolt: Backward bifurcation for pulse vaccination.
NONLINEAR ANALYSIS-HYBRID SYSTEMS, 14. pp. 99-113. ISSN 1751-570X (2014)

Hulmán-Knipl, Diána, Röst, Gergely: Large number of endemic equilibria for disease transmission models in patchy environment.
Mathematical Biosciences, 258. pp. 201-222. ISSN 0025-5564 (2014)

Knipl, Diána, Röst, Gergely: Backward bifurcation in SIVS model with immigration of non-infectives.
Biomath, 2 (2). Terjedelem: 14 p.-Azonosító: 1312051. ISSN 1314-684X (2013)

Knipl, Diána, Röst, Gergely, Wu, Jianhong: Epidemic spread and variation of peak times in connected regions due to travel-related infections-dynamics of an antigravity-type delay differential model.
SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems, 12 (4). pp. 1722-1762. ISSN 1536-0040 (2013)

Dénes, Attila, Kevei, Péter, Nishiura, Hiroshi, Röst, Gergely: Risk of infectious disease outbreaks by imported cases with application to the European Football Championship 2012.
International Journal of Stochastic Analysis, 2013. Terjedelem: 9 p.-Azonosító: 576381. ISSN 2090-3332 (2013)

Liu, Maoxing, Röst, Gergely, Vas, Gabriella: SIS model on homogeneous networks with threshold type delayed contact reduction.
Computers and Mathematics with Applications, 66 (9). pp. 1534-1546. ISSN 0898-1221 (2013)

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