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Nygren Anders and Baczkó István and Giles Wayne R.: Measurements of electrophysiological effects of components of acute ischemia in Langendorff-perfused rat hearts using voltage-sensitive dye mapping.
JOURNAL OF CARDIOVASCULAR ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY, 17 (5 (Suppl.)). S113-S123. ISSN 1045-3873 (2006)

Baczkó István and Jones Lynn and McGuigan Claire F. and Fox Jocelyn E. Manning and Gandhi Manoj and Giles Wayne R. and Clanachan Alexander S. and Light Peter E.: Plasma-membrane K-ATP channel-mediated cardioprotection involves posthypoxic reductions in calcium overload and contractile dysfunction: mechanistic insights into cardioplegia.
FASEB JOURNAL, 19 (8). Terjedelem: 22 p-Azonosító: fj.04-3008fje. ISSN 0892-6638 (2005)

Baczkó István and Giles Wayne R. and Light Peter E.: Pharmacological activation of plasma-membrane K-ATP channels reduces reoxygenation-induced Ca2+ overload in cardiac myocytes via modulation of the diastolic membrane potential.
BRITISH JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY, 141 (6). pp. 1059-1067. ISSN 0007-1188 (2004)

Baczkó István and Giles Wayne R. and Light Peter E.: Resting membrane potential regulates Na+-Ca2+ exchange-mediated Ca2+ overload during hypoxia-reoxygenation in rat ventricular myocytes.
JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON, 550 (3). pp. 889-898. ISSN 0022-3751 (2003)

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