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Please read the General rules of archiving before using the Repository!
The processing time for documents submitted to the SZTE Publication Repository is usually 5 working days, but if the number of uploads escalates significantly for some reason (e.g. tenders), this may increase by a few working days.

We kindly ask you to upload a new document to the SZTE Publication Repository from the MTMT database only. After selecting the MTMT record you want to upload, use the Operations/SWORD upload option in the menu. [Video tutorial]

We don’t recommend to upload documents contained in SZTE Repository of Papers and Books to the SZTE Repository of Publications. If there’s a „SZTE Egyetemi kiadványok” (SZTE Repository of Papers and Books) external identifier on the MTMT record of the publication, then it can be found in that archive. If there’s no such external identifier on the MTMT record, please check the archive directly (http://acta.bibl.u-szeged.hu/) or see the following list about the current titles in SZTE Repository of Papers and Books.

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