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Horváth, Ferenc, Gergely, Tamás, Beszédes, Árpád, Tengeri, Dávid, Balogh, Gergő, Gyimóthy, Tibor: Code Coverage Differences of Java Bytecode and Source Code Instrumentation Tools.
Software Quality Journal, 21 (1). pp. 79-123. ISSN 0963-9314 (2019)

Vidács, László, Horváth, Ferenc, Tengeri, Dávid, Beszédes, Árpád: Assessing the Test Suite of a Large System Based on Code Coverage, Efficiency and Uniqueness.
In: Leaders of Tomorrow: Future of Software Engineering. IEEE Computer Society Press, Los Alamitos, USA, pp. 13-16. (2016) ISBN 978-1-5090-1855-0

Tengeri, Dávid, Horváth, Ferenc, Beszédes, Árpád, Gergely, Tamás, Gyimóthy, Tibor: Negative Effects of Bytecode Instrumentation on Java Source Code Coverage.
In: 2016 IEEE 23rd International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering (SANER). IEEE Computer Society Press, pp. 225-235. (2016)

Tengeri, Dávid, Vidács, László, Beszédes, Árpád, Jász, Judit, Balogh, Gergő, Vancsics, Béla, Gyimóthy, Tibor: Relating Code Coverage, Mutation Score and Test Suite Reducibility to Defect Density.
In: 2016 IEEE Ninth International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation Workshops (ICSTW). IEEE Computer Society, USA, pp. 174-179. (2016) ISBN 978-1-5090-1826-0

Horváth, Ferenc, Vancsics, Béla, Vidács, László, Beszédes, Árpád, Tengeri, Dávid, Gergely, Tamás, Gyimóthy, Tibor: Test Suite Evaluation using Code Coverage Based Metrics.
In: Proceedings of the 14th Symposium on Programming Languages and Software Tools (SPLST'15). pp. 46-60.

Tengeri, Dávid, Beszédes, Árpád, Gergely, Tamás, Vidács, László, Havas, Dávid, Gyimóthy, Tibor: Beyond Code Coverage - an Approach for Test Suite Assessment and Improvement.
In: Proceedings of IEEE Eighth International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation Workshops (ICSTW). IEEE Computer Society, Terjedelem: 7 p.-Azonosító: 7107476. (2015) ISBN 9781479918867

Vidács, László, Beszédes, Árpád, Tengeri, Dávid, Siket, István, Gyimóthy, Tibor: Test suite reduction for fault detection and localization: A combined approach.
In: 2014 Software Evolution Week - IEEE Conference on Software Maintenance, Reengineering, and Reverse Engineering (CSMR-WCRE). IEEE Computer Society, Antwerp, pp. 204-213. (2014) ISBN 978-1-4799-3752-3

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