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Sümegi, Pál, Gulyás, Sándor, Molnár, Dávid, Szilágyi, Gábor, Sümegi, Balázs Pál, Törőcsik, Tünde, Molnár, Mihály: 14C Dated Chronology of the Thickest and Best Resolved Loess/Paleosol Record of the LGM from SE Hungary Based on Comparing Precision and Accuracy of Age-Depth Models.
RADIOCARBON, 62 (2). pp. 403-417. ISSN 0033-8222 (2020)

Sümegi, Pál, Molnár, Dávid, Gulyás, Sándor, Náfrádi, Katalin, Sümegi, Balázs P., Törőcsik, Tünde, Persaits, Gergő, Molnár, Mihály, Vandenberghe, Jef, Zhou, Liping: High-resolution proxy record of the environmental response to climatic variations during transition MIS3/MIS2 and MIS2 in Central Europe : the loess-paleosol sequence of Katymár brickyard (Hungary).
QUATERNARY INTERNATIONAL, 504. pp. 40-55. ISSN 1040-6182 (2019)

Sümegi, Pál, Gulyás, Sándor, Molnár, Dávid, Sümegi, Balázs P., Törőcsik, Tünde, Almond, Peter C., Smalley, Ian, Zhou, Liping, Galovic, Lidija, Pál-Molnár, Elemér, Hao, Qingzhen, Molnár, Mihály, Koloszár, László: Periodicities of paleoclimate variations in the first high-resolution non-orbitally tuned grain size record of the past 1 Ma from SW Hungary and regional, global correlations.
AEOLIAN RESEARCH, 40. pp. 74-90. ISSN 1875-9637 (2019)

Sümegi, Pál, Gulyás, Sándor, Molnár, Dávid, Sümegi, Balázs Pál, Almond, Peter C., Vandenberghe, Jef, Zhou, Liping, Pál-Molnár, Elemér, Törőcsik, Tünde, Hao, Qingzhen, Smalley, Ian, Molnár, Mihály, Marsi, István: New chronology of the best developed loess/paleosol sequence of Hungary capturing the past 1.1 ma : Implications for correlation and proposed pan-Eurasian stratigraphic schemes.
QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS, 191. pp. 144-166. ISSN 0277-3791 (2018)

Törőcsik, Tünde, Gulyás, Sándor, Molnár, Dávid, Tapody, Réka Orsolya, Sümegi, Balázs Pál, Molnár, Mihály, Szilágyi, Gábor, Jakab, Gusztáv, Sümegi, Pál, Novák, Zsolt: Probabilistic 14C Age-Depth Models Aiding the Reconstruction of Holocene Paleoenvironmental Evolution of a Marshland from Southern Hungary.
RADIOCARBON, 60 (5). pp. 1301-1315. ISSN 0033-8222 (2018)

Tapody, Réka Orsolya, Gulyás, Sándor, Törőcsik, Tünde, Sümegi, Pál, Molnár, Dávid, Sümegi, Balázs Pál, Molnár, Mihály: Radiocarbon-dated peat development : anthropogenic and climatic signals in a Holocene raised bog and lake profile from the Eastern part of the Carpathian Basin.
RADIOCARBON, 60 (4). pp. 1215-1226. ISSN 0033-8222 (2018)

Salma, Imre, Németh, Zoltán, Weidinger, Tamás, Maenhaut, Willy, Claeys, Magda, Molnár, Mihály, Major, István, Ajtai, Tibor, Utry, Noémi, Bozóki, Zoltán: Source apportionment of carbonaceous chemical species to fossil fuel combustion, biomass burning and biogenic emissions by a coupled radiocarbon–levoglucosan marker method.
ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS, 17 (22). pp. 13767-13781. ISSN 1680-7316 (2017)

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