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Antal Zsuzsanna and Varga János and Kredics László and Szekeres András and Hatvani Lóránt and Manczinger László and Vágvölgyi Csaba and Nagy Erzsébet: Intraspecific mitochondrial DNA polymorphism within the emerging filamentous fungal pathogen Trichoderma longibrachiatum.
Journal of Medical Microbiology, 55. pp. 31-35. ISSN 0022-2615 (2006)


Babaoglu Ozalp and Canright Geoffrey and Deutsch Andreas and Di Caro Gianni A and Ducatelle Frederick and Gambardella Luca M and Ganguly Niloy and Jelasity Márk and Montemanni Roberto and Montresor Alberto and Urnes Tore: Design patterns from biology for distributed computing.
ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems, 1 (1). pp. 26-65. ISSN 1556-4665 (2006)

Babaoglu Ozalp and Jelasity Márk and Kermarrec Anne-Marie and Montresor Alberto and van Steen Maarten: Managing Clouds: A Case for a Fresh Look at Large Unreliable Dynamic Networks.
ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review, 40 (3). pp. 9-13. ISSN 0163-5980 (2006)

Bartók Tibor and Szécsi Árpád and Szekeres András and Mesterházy Ákos and Bartók Mihály: Detection of new fumonisin mycotoxins and fumonisin-like compounds by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization ion trap mass spectrometry.
RAPID COMMUNICATIONS IN MASS SPECTROMETRY, 20 (16). pp. 2447-2462. ISSN 0951-4198 (2006)

Blázsik Zoltán and Bartók Tamás and Imreh Balázs and Imreh Csanád and Kovács Zoltán: Heuristics on a common generalization of TSP and LOP.
PURE MATHEMATICS AND APPLICATIONS, 17 (3-4). pp. 229-239. ISSN 1218-4586 (2006)


Cserényi Szabolcs and Felföldi Károly and Forgó Péter and Pálinkó István: Preparation of 3-substituted and 2,3-disubstituted-4,4,4-trifluoro-2-butenoic acids—Perkin condensation of activated aromatic ketones.
Journal of Fluorine Chemistry, 127 (7). pp. 850-853. ISSN 00221139 (2006)

Csupor Dezső and Forgó Péter and Csedő Károly and Hohmann Judit: C19 and C20 diterpene alkaloids from Aconitum toxicum RCHB.
HELVETICA CHIMICA ACTA, 89 (12). pp. 2981-2986. ISSN 0018-019X (2006)


Farsang Andrea and Kitka Gergely and Barta Károly: A talajerózió szerepe a talaj foszforháztartásában.
In: Táj, környezet és társadalom. SZTE Éghajlattani és Tájföldrajzi Tanszék - SZTE Természeti Földrajzi és Geoinformatikai Tanszék, Szeged, pp. 179-189. (2006) ISBN 963-482-782-9

Fási András and Zsák Péter and Pálinkó István and Hernádi Klára: Combinatorial synthesis of carbon nanotubes by the catalytic chemical vapor deposition method.
Reaction Kinetics and Catalysis Letters, 87 (2). pp. 349-357. ISSN 0133-1736 (2006)


Hajnal Péter and Liu Z and Turán György: Nearest neighbor representations of Boolean functions.
In: 9th International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics, 2006.01.04-2006.01.06, Fort Lauderdale. P44-8 p..

Hatvani Lóránt and Manczinger László and Kredics László and Szekeres András and Antal Zsuzsanna and Vágvölgyi Csaba: Production of Trichoderma strains with pesticide-polyresistance by mutagenesis and protoplast fusion.
Antonie van Leeuwenhoek. International Journal of General and Molecular Microbiology, 89. pp. 387-393. ISSN 0003-6072 (2006)


Jelasity Márk and Babaoglu Ozalp: T-MAN: gossip-based overlay topology management.
Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (Subseries of Lecture Notes in Computer Science), 3910. pp. 1-15. ISSN 0302-9743 (2006)

Jelasity Márk and Kermarrec Anne-Marie: Ordered slicing of very large-scale overlay networks.
In: Sixth IEEE International Conference on Peer-to-Peer Computing. P2P 2006. Cambridge, 6-8 September 2006. IEEE Computer Society, Los Alamitos, pp. 117-124. (2006) ISBN 0-7695-2679-9

Jelasity Márk and Montresor Alberto and Babaoglu Ozalp: The bootstrapping service.
In: 26th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems Workshops. ICDCS 2006. Lisboa, 4-7 July 2006. IEEE Computer Society, Los Alamitos, Paper 11. (2006) ISBN 0-7695-2541-5


Kitka Gergely and Farsang Andrea and Barta Károly: Erosion modelling with E3D to serve of watershed management in the Velence Mountains.


Mezősi Gábor and Farsang Andrea and Cser Viktória and Barta Károly and Erdei László: Talajtani adottságok szerepe a fitoremediáció folyamatában.
In: II. Magyar Tájökológiai Konferencia, 2006.04.07-2006.04.09., Debrecen. p. 52.


Puskás Irén and Farsang Andrea: A városi talajok osztályozása, az antropogén hatás indikátorainak elkülönítése Szeged talajtípusainak példáján.
In: II. Magyar Tájökológiai Konferencia, 2006.04.07-2006.04.09., Debrecen. p. 95.

Pálinkó István: Elsődleges és másodlagos kötőerőkkel összetartott rendszerek készítése és jellemzése.
Szegedi Tudományegyetem.

Pálinkó István: Organic-Inorganic Nanohybrids of Biologically Important Molecules and Layered Double Hydroxides.
Nanopages, 1 (3). pp. 295-314. ISSN 1787-4033 (2006)


Szekeres András and Leitgeb Balázs and Kredics László and Manczinger László and Vágvölgyi Csaba: A novel, image analysis-based method for the evaluation of in vitro antagonism.
Journal of Microbiological Methods, 65. pp. 619-622. ISSN 0167-7012 (2006)

Szekeres András and Leitgeb Balázs and Pénzes Zsolt and Kredics László and Hatvani Lóránt and Antal Zsuzsanna and Manczinger László and Vágvölgyi Csaba: Proteases of Trichoderma Strains from Hungarian Winter Wheat Rhizosphere.
In: Méndez-Vilas A. (szerk.) Modern Multidisciplinary Applied Microbiology: Exploiting Microbes and Their Interactions. Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, pp. 664-667. (2006) ISBN 9783527316113

Szekeres András and Láday Miklós and Kredics László and Varga János and Antal Zsuzsanna and Hatvani Lóránt and Manczinger László and Vágvölgyi Csaba and Nagy Erzsébet: Rapid identification of clinical Trichoderma longibrachiatum isolates by cellulose-acetate electrophoresis-mediated isoenzyme analysis.
Clinical Microbiology and Infection, 12 (4). pp. 369-375. ISSN 1198-743X (2006)

Szilágyi István and Horváth László and Labádi Imre and Hernádi Klára and Pálinkó István and Kiss Tamás: Mimicking catalase and catecholase enzymes by copper(II)-containing complexes.
Central European Journal of Chemistry, 4 (1). pp. 118-134. ISSN 1895-1066 (2006)


Vass Csaba and Sebők Dániel and Hopp Béla: Comparing Study of Subpicosecond And Nanosecond Wet Etching of Fused Silica.
APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, 252 (13). pp. 4768-4772. ISSN 0169-4332 (2006)

Vidács László and Gogolla Martin and Ferenc Rudolf: From C++ refactorings to graph transformations.
Electronic Communications of the EASST, 3. pp. 127-141. ISSN 1863-2122 (2006)

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