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Bogár Ferenc and Tasi Gyula and Pálinkó István and Török Béla: Full geometric optimization of alpha-phenyl cinnamic acid isomers.
In: IBM Academic Initiative Hungary : Project Report 1991-1993: the first two years of the IBM academic initiative in Hungary. Szerk.: Csépai J; Quittner P. Aula Kiadó, Budapest, pp. 68-71. (1993)


Kiss T. János and Pálinkó István and Molnár Árpád: Surface properties of fumed silica (Cab-O-Sil) and Cab-O-Sil-supported Pt and Cu catalysts, studied by ir spectroscopy.
Journal of Molecular Structure, 293. pp. 273-278. ISSN 0022-2860 (1993)

Kurusa Árpád: The Radon transform on half sphere.
ACTA SCIENTIARUM MATHEMATICARUM - SZEGED, 58 (1-4). pp. 143-158. ISSN 0001-6969 (1993)

Kurusa Árpád: Support curves of invertible Radon transforms.
ARCHIV DER MATHEMATIK, 61 (5). pp. 448-458. ISSN 0003-889X (1993)


Pálinkó István and Kiricsi Imre and Tasi Gyula and Varga K.: Thermal behaviour of montmorillonite pillared with different metal oxides.
Journal of Thermal Analysis, 39 (2). pp. 197-205. ISSN 0368-4466 (1993)

Pálinkó István and Ocskó József: Hydrogen pressure dependence in the ring opening of methyloxirane over silica-supported Pd and Rh catalysts.
In: Catalysis & Catalytic Processing, 1993.10.24-1993.10.27., Cape Town, Dél-Afrikai Köztársaság. pp. 463-467.


Szabó Sándor András: Két hét a Royal Air Force-nál.


Tasi Gyula and Pálinkó István and Nyerges Levente and Fejes Pál and Förster Horst: Calculation of electrostatic potential maps and atomic charges for large molecules.
Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences, 33 (3). pp. 296-299. ISSN 0095-2338 (1993)

Török Béla and Pálinkó István and Molnár Árpád and Bartók Mihály: Hydrogen Pressure Dependence of the Ring-Opening Reactions of Propylcyclobutane over Pt/SiO2 Catalyst at Different Temperatures.
JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS, 143 (1). pp. 111-121. ISSN 0021-9517 (1993)


Veres László and Bitó Tamás and Vajda György and Viski Sándor and Pál Attila: Az ultrahang vizsgálattal becsült és a születés után mért magzati súly összehasonlítása.
MAGYAR NŐORVOSOK LAPJA, 56 (5). pp. 321-323. ISSN 0025-021X (1993)

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