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Szántó Magdolna and Oláh Attila and Szöllősi Attila and Tóth Kinga Fanni and Payer Edit and Czakó Nóra and Pór Ágnes and Kovács Ilona and Zouboulis Christos C. and Kemény Lajos and Bíró Tamás and Tóth Balázs István: Activation of TRPV3 inhibits lipogenesis and stimulates production of inflammatory mediators in human sebocytes - a putative contributor to dry skin dermatoses.
JOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE DERMATOLOGY, 139 (1). pp. 250-253. ISSN 0022-202X (2019)

Mattii M. and Lovászi Marianna and Garzorz N. and Atenhan A. and Quaranta M. and Lauffer F. and Konstantinow A. and Küpper M. and Zouboulis Christos C. and Kemény Lajos and Eyerich K. and Schmidt-Weber C.B. and Törőcsik Dániel and Eyerich Stefanie: Sebocytes contribute to skin inflammation by promoting the differentiation of Th17 cells.
BRITISH JOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGY, 178 (3). pp. 722-730. ISSN 0007-0963 (2018)

Törőcsik Dániel and Kovács Dóra and Camera Emanuela and Lovászi Marianna and Cseri Karolina and Nagy Georgina G. and Molinaro Raphael and Rühl Ralph and Tax Gábor and Szabó Kornélia Ágnes and Picardo Mauro M. and Kemény Lajos and Zouboulis Christos C. and Remenyik Éva: Leptin promotes a proinflammatory lipid profile and induces inflammatory pathways in human SZ95 sebocytes.
The British journal of dermatology, 171 (6). pp. 1326-1335. ISSN 1365-2133 (2014)

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