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Pávó Noémi and Lukovic Dominika and Zlabinger Katrin and Zimba Abelina and Lorant David and Goliasch Georg and Winkler Johannes and Pils Ditmar and Auer Katharina and Ankersmit Hendrik Jan and Giricz Zoltán and Baranyai Tamás and Sárközy Márta and Jakab András and Garamvölgyi Rita and Emmert Maximilian Y. and Hoerstup Simon P. and Hausenloy Derek J. and Ferdinandy Péter and Maurer Gerald and Gyöngyösi Mariann: Sequential activation of different pathway networks in ischemia-affected and non-affected myocardium, inducing intrinsic remote conditioning to prevent left ventricular remodeling.
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7. Terjedelem: 14 p.-Azonosító: 43958. ISSN 2045-2322 (2017)

Gyöngyösi Mariann and Giurgea Georgiana-Aura and Syeda Bonni and Charwat Silvia and Marzluf Beatrice and Mascherbauer Julia and Jakab András and Zimba Abelina and Sárközy Márta and Pávó Noémi and Sochor Heinz and Graf Senta and Lang Irene and Maurer Gerald and Bergler-Klein Jutta: Long-term outcome of combined (percutaneous intramyocardial and intracoronary) application of autologous bone marrow mononuclear cells post myocardial infarction: the 5-year MYSTAR study.
PLOS ONE, 11 (10). Terjedelem: 17 p-Azonosító: e0164908. ISSN 1932-6203 (2016)

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