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Mendoza Susana Ruiz and Zamith-Miranda Daniel and Takács Tamás and Gácser Attila and Nosanchuk Joshua D. and Guimarães Allan J.: Complex and Controversial Roles of Eicosanoids in Fungal Pathogenesis.
JOURNAL OF FUNGI, 7 (4). Terjedelem: 16-Azonosító: 254. ISSN 2309-608X (2021)

Zamith-Miranda Daniel and Heyman Heino M. and Cleare Levi G. and Couvillion Sneha P. and Clair Geremy C. and Bredeweg Erin and Gácser Attila and Nimrichter Leonardo and Nakayasu Ernesto S. and Nosanchuk Josh: Multi-omics Signature of Candida auris , an Emerging and Multidrug-Resistant Pathogen.
MSYSTEMS, 4 (4). Terjedelem: 14 p-Azonosító: e00257-19. ISSN 2379-5077 (2019)

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