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Zahorán Szabolcs and Márton Ágnes and Dugmonits Krisztina Nikoletta and Chakraborty Payal and Khamit Ali and Hegyi Péter and Orvos Hajnalka and Hermesz Edit: Molecular Background of Toxic-Substances-Induced Morphological Alterations in the Umbilical Cord Vessels and Fetal Red Blood Cells.

Allen George E. and Panasenko Olesya O. and Villanyi Zoltan and Zagatti Marina and Weiss Benjamin and Pagliazzo Lucile and Huch Susanne and Polte Christine and Zahorán Szabolcs and Hughes Christopher S. and Pelechano Vicent and Ignatova Zoya and Collart Martine A.: Not4 and Not5 modulate translation elongation by Rps7A ubiquitination, Rli1 moonlighting, and condensates that exclude eIF5A.
CELL REPORTS, 36 (9). Terjedelem: 22-Azonosító: 109633. ISSN 2211-1247 (2021)

Zahorán Szabolcs and Szántó Péter R. and Bódi Nikolett and Bagyánszki Mária and Maléth József and Hegyi Péter and Sári Tamás and Hermesz Edit: Sustained maternal smoking triggers endothelial-mediated oxidative stress in the umbilical cord vessels, resulting in vascular dysfunction.
ANTIOXIDANTS, 10 (4). Terjedelem: 15 p-Azonosító: 583. ISSN 2076-3921 (2021)

Dugmonits Krisztina Nikoletta and Chakraborty Payal and Hollandi Réka and Zahorán Szabolcs and Pankotai-Bodó Gabriella and Horváth Péter and Orvos Hajnalka and Hermesz Edit: Maternal Smoking Highly Affects the Function, Membrane Integrity, and Rheological Properties in Fetal Red Blood Cells.
OXIDATIVE MEDICINE AND CELLULAR LONGEVITY, 2019. Azonosító: 509798-Terjedelem: 10 p. ISSN 1942-0900 (2019)

Zhou Zhichao and Mahdi Ali and Tratsiakovich Yahor and Zahorán Szabolcs and Kövamees Oskar and Nordin Filip and Uribe Gonzalez Arturo Eduardo and Alvarsson Michael and Östenson Claes-Göran and Andersson Daniel C. and Hedin Ulf and Hermesz Edit and Lundberg Jon O. and Yang Jiangning and Pernow John: Erythrocytes from patients with type 2 diabetes induce endothelial dysfunction via arginase I.
JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF CARDIOLOGY, 72 (7). pp. 769-780. ISSN 0735-1097 (2018)

Dugmonits Krisztina Nikoletta and Ferencz Ágnes and Zahorán Szabolcs and Juhász Renáta and Talapka Petra and Orvos Hajnalka and Hermesz Edit: Elevated levels of macromolecular damage are correlated with increased nitric oxide synthase expression in erythrocytes isolated from twin neonates.
BRITISH JOURNAL OF HAEMATOLOGY, 174 (6). pp. 932-941. ISSN 0007-1048 (2016)

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