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Stefkó Dóra and Kúsz Norbert and Szemerédi NIkoletta and Barta Anita and Spengler Gabriella and Berkecz Róbert and Hohmann Judit and Vasas Andrea: Unique Phenanthrenes from Juncus ensifolius and Their Antiproliferative and Synergistic Effects with the Conventional Anticancer Agent Doxorubicin against Human Cancer Cell Lines.
PHARMACEUTICS, 14 (3). Terjedelem: 17-Azonosító: 608. ISSN 1999-4923 (2022)

Bús Csaba and Kúsz Norbert and Kincses Annamária and Szemerédi NIkoletta and Spengler Gabriella and Bakacsy László and Purger Dragica and Berkecz Róbert and Hohmann Judit and Hunyadi Attila and Vasas Andrea: Antiproliferative Phenanthrenes from Juncus tenuis: Isolation and Diversity-Oriented Semisynthetic Modification.
MOLECULES, 25 (24). Azonosító: 5983-Terjedelem: 14 p. ISSN 1420-3049 (2020)

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