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Szegő Éva Mónika and Csorba Attila and Janáky Tamás and Kékesi Adrienna Katalin and Ábrahám István and Mórotz Gábor M. and Penke Botond and Palkovits Miklós and Murvai Csilla Ünige and Kellermayer Miklós and Kardos József and Juhász Gábor Dénes: Effects of Estrogen on Beta-Amyloid-Induced Cholinergic Cell Death in the Nucleus Basalis Magnocellularis.
NEUROENDOCRINOLOGY, 93 (2). pp. 90-105. ISSN 0028-3835 (2011)

Szegő Éva Mónika and Janáky Tamás and Szabó Zoltán and Csorba Attila and Kompagne Hajnalka and Müller Géza and Lévay György István and Simor Attila and Juhász Gábor Dénes and Kékesi Adrienna Katalin: A mouse model of anxiety molecularly characterized by altered protein networks in the brain proteome.
EUROPEAN NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY, 20 (2). pp. 96-111. ISSN 0924-977X (2010)

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