Items where Author is " Székely István"

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Kedves Endre-Zsolt and Fodor Claudiu and Fazekas Ákos Ferenc and Székely István and Szamosvölgyi Ákos and Sápi András and Kónya Zoltán and Pop Lucian Cristian and Baia Lucian and Pap Zsolt: α-MoO3 with inhibitive properties in Fenton reactions and insights on its general impact on OH radical based advanced oxidation processes.
APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, 624. ISSN 0169-4332 (2023)

Magyari Klára and Dreanca Alexandra and Székely István and Popescu Andra and Feraru Alexandra and Páll Emőke and Gyulavári Tamás and Suciu Maria and Cenariu Mihai and Bobu Emma and Baia Lucian and Baia Monica: How does the structure of pullulan alginate composites change in the biological environment?
JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE, 57 (40). pp. 19050-19067. ISSN 0022-2461 (2022)

Boga Bíborka and Székely István and Focșan Monica and Baia Monica and Szabó Tibor and Nagy László and Pap Zsolt: Sensor surface via inspiration from Nature: The specific case of electron trapping in TiO2/WO3(∙0.33H2O) and reaction center/WO3(∙0.33H2O) systems.
APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, 572. ISSN 0169-4332 (2022)

Sharma Nikita and Pap Zsolt and Székely István and Focsan Monica and Karacs Gábor and Németh Zoltán and Garg Seema and Hernádi Klára: Combination of iodine-deficient BiOI phases in the presence of CNT to enhance photocatalytic activity towards phenol decomposition under visible light.
APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, 565. Terjedelem: 12-Azonosító: 150605. ISSN 0169-4332 (2021)

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