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Sudeep Parambath M. and Vinod Soumya and Odzen Sehmus and Sruthi Radhakrishnan and Kukovecz Ákos and Kónya Zoltán and Vajtai Róbert and Anantharaman Maliemadam Ramaswamy Iyer and Ajayan Pulickel M. and Narayanan Tharangattu N.: Functionalized Boron Nitride Porous Solids.
RSC ADVANCES, 5 (114). pp. 93964-93968. ISSN 2046-2069 (2015)

Xiang Changsheng and Cox Paris J. and Kukovecz Ákos and Genorio Bostjan and Hashim Daniel P. and Yan Zheng and Peng Zhiwei and Hwang Chih-Chau and Ruan Gedeng and Samuel Errol L. G. and Sudeep Parambath M. and Kónya Zoltán and Vajtai Róbert and Ajayan Pulickel M. and Tour James M.: Functionalized Low Defect Graphene Nanoribbons and Polyurethane Composite Film for Improved Gas Barrier and Mechanical Performances.
ACS Nano, 7 (11). pp. 10380-10386. ISSN 1936-0851 (2013)

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