Items where Author is " Soutoglou Evi"

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Lemaître Charlène and Grabarz Anastazja and Tsouroula Katerina and Andronov Leonid and Furst Audrey and Pankotai Tibor and Heyer Vincent and Rogier Mélanie and Attwood Kathleen M and Kessler Pascal and Dellaire Graham and Klaholz Bruno and Reina-San-Martin Bernardo and Soutoglou Evi: Nuclear position dictates DNA repair pathway choice.
Genes & development, 28 (22). pp. 2450-2463. ISSN 1549-5477 (2014)

Pankotai Tibor and Soutoglou Evi: Double strand breaks: hurdles for RNA polymerase II transcription?
Transcription, 4 (1). pp. 34-38. ISSN 2154-1272 (2013)

Pankotai Tibor and Bonhomme Céline and Chen David and Soutoglou Evi: DNAPKcs-dependent arrest of RNA polymerase II transcription in the presence of DNA breaks.
Nature structural & molecular biology, 19 (3). pp. 276-282. ISSN 1545-9985 (2012)

Pankotai Tibor and Hoffbeck Anne Sophie and Boumendil Charlene and Soutoglou Evi: DNA damage response in the absence of DNA lesions continued...
Cell cycle (Georgetown, Tex.), 8 (24). pp. 4025-4026. ISSN 1551-4005 (2009)

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