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Bonaca Marc P. and Bhatt Deepak L. and Cohen Marc and Kiss Róbert Gábor and Kollaborációs szervezet: PEGASUS-TIMI 54 Steering Committee and Investigators and Katona A. and Erdei F. and Vértes A. and Sebő J. and Kiss R. and Korda A. and Túri T. and Merkely Béla Péter and Becker Dávid and Ungi Imre and Kalapos Anita and Király C. and Boskó M. and Zólyomi S. and Pap G. and Horváth I. and Lupkovics G. and Basa A. and Édes I. and Jenei C. and Simon É. and Bakai J. and Czuriga I. and Unterberger K. and László Zoltán and Vas K. and Kancz S. and Fülöp G. and Takács J. and Nagy M.A. and Papp A. and Takács Á. and Czigány A. and Máté Z. and Müller G. and Szilágy A. and Sipos Tas A. and Nagy K. and Polgár P. and Sváb M. and Józan Jilling M. and Kis E. and Bartal G. and Horthy R. and Kerkovits A. and Kántor F. and Bódi M. and Sperr E. and Benczúr B. and Bajcsi É. and Valcó J. and Bujdosó Á. (sajt.) (kollab. közrem.): Long-Term Use of Ticagrelor in Patients with Prior Myocardial Infarction.
NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE, 372 (19). pp. 1791-1800. ISSN 0028-4793 (2015)

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