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Spekker Olga and Tihanyi Balázs and Kis Luca and Madai Ágota and Pálfi György and Csuvár-Andrási Réka and Wicker Erika and Szalontai Csaba and Samu Levente and Koncz István and Marcsik Antónia and Molnár Erika: Leprosy: The age-old companion of humans – Re-evaluation and comparative analysis of Avar-period cases with Hansen's disease from the Danube-Tisza Interfluve, Hungary.
TUBERCULOSIS, 142. ISSN 1472-9792 (2023)

Spekker Olga and Váradi Orsolya Anna and Szekeres András and Jäger Heidi Yoko and Zink Albert and Berner Margit and Pany-Kucera Doris and Strondl Liesa and Klostermann Paul and Samu Levente and Király Kitty and Bereczki Zsolt and Molnár Erika and Pálfi György and Tihanyi Zsolt: A rare case of calvarial tuberculosis from the Avar Age (8th century CE) cemetery of Kaba–Bitózug (Hajdú-Bihar county, Hungary) – Pathogenesis and differential diagnostic aspects.
TUBERCULOSIS, 135. Terjedelem: 15-Azonosító: 102226. ISSN 1472-9792 (2022)

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