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Molnár Dávid and Sümegi Pál and Makó László and Cseh Péter and Zeeden Christian and Nett Janina and Lehmkuhl Frank and Törőcsik Tünde and Sümegi Balázs P.: Palaeoecological background of the Upper Palaeolithic site of Ságvár, Hungary: radiocarbon‐dated malacological and sedimentological studies on the Late Pleistocene environment.
JOURNAL OF QUATERNARY SCIENCE, 36 (8. szám Spec. Iss.). pp. 1353-1363. ISSN 0267-8179 (2021)

Almond Peter C. and Gulyás Sándor and Sümegi Pál and Sümegi Balázs P. and Covey-Crump Stephen and Jones Merren and Shaw Joseph and Parker Andrew: A palaeoenvironmental record of the Southern Hemisphere last glacial maximum from the Mount Cass loess section, North Canterbury, Aotearoa/New Zealand.
QUATERNARY RESEARCH, 102. pp. 115-129. ISSN 0033-5894 (2021)

Sümegi Pál and Molnár Dávid and Gulyás Sándor and Náfrádi Katalin and Sümegi Balázs P. and Törőcsik Tünde and Persaits Gergő and Molnár Mihály and Vandenberghe Jef and Zhou Liping: High-resolution proxy record of the environmental response to climatic variations during transition MIS3/MIS2 and MIS2 in Central Europe : the loess-paleosol sequence of Katymár brickyard (Hungary).
QUATERNARY INTERNATIONAL, 504. pp. 40-55. ISSN 1040-6182 (2019)

Sümegi Pál and Gulyás Sándor and Molnár Dávid and Sümegi Balázs P. and Törőcsik Tünde and Almond Peter C. and Smalley Ian and Zhou Liping and Galovic Lidija and Pál-Molnár Elemér and Hao Qingzhen and Molnár Mihály and Koloszár László: Periodicities of paleoclimate variations in the first high-resolution non-orbitally tuned grain size record of the past 1 Ma from SW Hungary and regional, global correlations.
AEOLIAN RESEARCH, 40. pp. 74-90. ISSN 1875-9637 (2019)

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