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Menyhárt Ákos and Frank Rita and Farkas Elek Attila and Süle Zoltán and Varga Viktória Éva and Nyúl-Tóth Ádám and Meiller Anne and Ivánkovitsné Kiss Orsolya and Lemale Coline L. and Szabó Írisz and Tóth Réka and Zölei-Szénási Dániel and Woitzik Johannes and Marinesco Stephane and Krizbai István Adorján and Bari Ferenc and Dreier Jens P. and Farkas Eszter: Malignant astrocyte swelling and impaired glutamate clearance drive the expansion of injurious spreading depolarization foci.
JOURNAL OF CEREBRAL BLOOD FLOW AND METABOLISM, 42 (4). pp. 584-599. ISSN 0271-678X (2022)

Tarantini Stefano and Valcarcel-Ares Marta Noa and Tóth Péter József and Yabluchanskiy Andriy and Zsuzsanna Tucsek and Kiss Tamás and Hertelendy Péter and Kinter Michael and Ballabh Praveen and Süle Zoltán and Farkas Eszter and Baur Joseph A. and Sinclair David A. and Csiszar Anna and Ungvári Zoltán István: Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) supplementation rescues cerebromicrovascular endothelial function and neurovascular coupling responses and improves cognitive function in aged mice.
REDOX BIOLOGY, 24. ISSN 2213-2317 (2019)

Hertelendy Péter and Menyhárt Ákos and Makra Péter and Süle Zoltán and Kiss Tamás and Tóth Gergely and Ivánkovits-Kiss Orsolya and Bari Ferenc and Farkas Eszter: Advancing age and ischemia elevate the electric threshold to elicit spreading depolarization in the cerebral cortex of young adult rats.
JOURNAL OF CEREBRAL BLOOD FLOW AND METABOLISM, 37. (5.). pp. 1763-1775. ISSN 0271-678X (2017)

Fabene P. F. and Weiczner Roland and Marzola P. and Nicolato E. and Calderan L. and Andrioli A. and Farkas Eszter and Süle Zoltán and Mihály András and Sbarbati A.: Structural and functional MRI following 4-aminopyridine-induced seizures: A comparative imaging and anatomical study.
NEUROBIOLOGY OF DISEASE, 21 (1). pp. 80-89. ISSN 0969-9961 (2006)

Farkas Eszter and Süle Zoltán and Tóth-Szűki Valéria and Mátyás Adrienne and Antal Péter and Farkas Ibolya and Mihály András and Bari Ferenc: Tumor necrosis factor-alpha increases cerebral blood flow and ultrastructural capillary damage through the release of nitric oxide in the rat brain.
MICROVASCULAR RESEARCH, 72 (3). pp. 113-119. ISSN 0026-2862 (2006)

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