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Sápi, András, Rémiás, Róbert, Kukovecz, Ákos, Pálinkó, István, Kónya, Zoltán, Kiricsi, Imre: Fundamental aspects of the synthesis, modification, characterization and catalytic testing of various silicate forms and metal nanoparticlemesoporous silicate composite materials.
In: Silica and Silicates in Modern Catalysis (Editor: Halász István). Transworld Research Network, Kerala, pp. 187-212. (2010) ISBN 978-81-7895-455-4

Rémiás, Róbert, Sápi, András, Puskás, Róbert, Kukovecz, Ákos, Kónya, Zoltán, Kiricsi, Imre: Adsorption of C6 hydrocarbon rings on mesoporous catalyst supports.
Chemical Physics Letters, 482 (4-6). pp. 296-301. ISSN 00092614 (2009)

Horváth, Endre, Puskás, Róbert, Rémiás, Róbert, Mohl, Melinda, Kukovecz, Ákos, Kónya, Zoltán, Kiricsi, Imre: A Novel Catalyst Type Containing Noble Metal Nanoparticles Supported on Mesoporous Carbon: Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Properties.
Topics in Catalysis, 52 (9). pp. 1242-1250. ISSN 1022-5528 (2009)

Sápi, András, Rémiás, Róbert, Kónya, Zoltán, Kukovecz, Ákos, Kordás, Krisztián, Kiricsi, Imre: Synthesis and characterization of nickel catalysts supported on different carbon materials.
Reaction Kinetics and Catalysis Letters, 96 (2). pp. 379-389. ISSN 0133-1736 (2009)

Rémiás, Róbert, Kukovecz, Ákos, Darányi, Mária, Kozma, Gábor, Varga, Szilvia, Kónya, Zoltán, Kiricsi, Imre: Synthesis of Zinc Glycerolate Microstacks from a ZnO Nanorod Sacrificial Template.
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2009 (24). pp. 3622-3627. ISSN 14341948 (2009)

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