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Wobbe Bastian and Wagner Juliane and Szabó Dorottya Kata and Rostás Ildikó and Borbásné Farkas Kornélia and Garami András and Balaskó Márta and Hartmann Petra and Varjú-Solymár Margit and Tenk Judit and Ottóffy Máté and Nagy Arnold and Habon Tamás and Hegyi Péter and Czopf László: Ultrafiltration is better than diuretic therapy for volume-overloaded acute heart failure patients : a meta-analysis.
HEART FAILURE REVIEWS, 26. pp. 577-585. ISSN 1382-4147 (2021)

Márta Katalin and Lazarescu Alina-Marilena and Borbásné Farkas Kornélia and Mátrai Péter and Cazacu Irina and Ottóffy Máté and Habon Tamás and Erőss Bálint Mihály and Vincze Áron and Veres Gábor and Czakó László and Sarlós Patrícia and Rakonczay Zoltán and Hegyi Péter: Aging and Comorbidities in Acute Pancreatitis I: A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review Based on 194,702 Patients.
FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY, 10. Paper 328-14 p. ISSN 1664-042X (2019)

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