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Veréb Zoltán and Póliska Szilárd and Albert Réka and Olstad Ole Kristoffer and Boratkó Anita and Csortos Csilla and Moe Morten C. and Facskó Andrea and Petrovski Goran: Role of human corneal stroma-derived mesenchymal-like stem cells in corneal immunity and wound healing.
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 6. Terjedelem: 17 p.-Azonsító: 26227. ISSN 2045-2322 (2016)

Veréb Zoltán and Albert Réka and Póliska Szilárd and Olstad Ole Kristoffer and Akhtar Saeed and Moe Morten C. and Petrovski Goran: Comparison of upstream regulators in human ex vivo cultured cornea limbal epithelial stem cells and differentiated corneal epithelial cells.
BMC GENOMICS, 14. Paper 900-18 p. ISSN 1471-2164 (2013)

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