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Oláh Zoltán and Ökrész László and Apróné Török Ibolya and Pestenácz Anikó and Harkai Anikó and Kocsis Éva: Effective natural food complements: anti-CoV-2 spike protein directed druggable inhibitors.
ECOCYCLES, 6 (2). pp. 38-45. ISSN 2416-2140 (2020)

Oláh Zoltán and Rédei Dóra and Pecze László and Vizler Csaba and Jósvay Katalin and Forgó Péter and Winter Zoltán and Dombi György and Szakonyi Gerda and Hohmann Judit: Pellitorine, an extract of Tetradium daniellii, is an antagonist of the ion channel TRPV1.
PHYTOMEDICINE, 34. pp. 44-49. ISSN 0944-7113 (2017)

Nazıroğlu Mustafa and Çiğ Bilal and Blum Walter and Vizler Csaba and Buhala Andrea and Marton Annamária and Katona Róbert László and Jósvay Katalin and Schwaller Beat and Oláh Zoltán and Pecze László: Targeting breast cancer cells by MRS1477, a positive allosteric modulator of TRPV1 channels.
PLOS ONE, 12 (6). Terjedelem: 19 p-Azonosító: e0179950. ISSN 1932-6203 (2017)

Hetényi Anasztázia and Németh Lukács and Wéber Edit and Szakonyi Gerda and Winter Zoltán and Jósvay Katalin and Bartus Éva and Oláh Zoltán and Martinek Tamás A.: Competitive inhibition of TRPV1 – calmodulin interaction by vanilloids.
FEBS LETTERS, 590 (16). pp. 2768-2775. ISSN 0014-5793 (2016)

Jósvay Katalin and Winter Zoltán and Katona Róbert László and Pecze László and Marton Annamária and Buhala Andrea and Szakonyi Gerda and Oláh Zoltán and Vizler Csaba: Besides neuro-imaging, the Thy1-YFP mouse could serve for visualizing experimental tumours, inflammation and wound-healing.
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 4. Terjedelem: 7 p.-Azonosító: 6776. ISSN 2045-2322 (2014)

Winter Zoltán and Buhala Andrea and Ötvös Ferenc and Jósvay Katalin and Vizler Csaba and Dombi György and Szakonyi Gerda and Oláh Zoltán: Functionally important amino acid residues in the transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 (TRPV1) ion channel -- an overview of the current mutational data.
MOLECULAR PAIN, 9. Terjedelem: 29 p-Azonosító: 30. ISSN 1744-8069 (2013)

Pecze László and Pelsőczi Péter and Kecskés Miklós and Winter Zoltán and Papp András and Kaszás Krisztián and Letoha Tamás and Vizler Csaba and Oláh Zoltán: Resiniferatoxin mediated ablation of TRPV1+ neurons removes TRPA1 as well.
CANADIAN JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES, 36 (2). pp. 234-241. ISSN 0317-1671 (2009)

Pecze László and Szabó Kornélia Ágnes and Széll Márta and Jósvay Katalin and Kaszas Krisztián and Kusz Erzsébet and Letoha Tamás and Prorok János and Koncz Istvan and Tóth András and Kemény Lajos and Vizler Csaba and Oláh Zoltán: Human keratinocytes are vanilloid resistant.
PLOS ONE, 3 (10). Terjedelem: 10-Azonosító: e3419. ISSN 1932-6203 (2008)

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