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Li Qun and Takeuchi Yuichi and Wang Jiale and Gellért Levente and Barcsai Livia and Pedraza Lizeth K. and Nagy Anett J. and Kozák Gábor and Nakai Shinya and Kato Shigeki and Kobayashi Kazuto and Ohsawa Masahiro and Horváth Gyöngyi and Kékesi Gabriella and Lőrincz László Magor and Devinsky Orrin and Buzsáki György and Berényi Antal: Reinstating olfactory bulb-derived limbic gamma oscillations alleviates depression-like behavioral deficits in rodents.
NEURON, 111 (13). pp. 2065-2075. ISSN 0896-6273 (2023)

Takeuchi Yuichi and Nagy Anett Júlia and Barcsai Lívia and Li Qun and Ohsawa Masahiro and Mizuseki Kenji and Berényi Antal: The Medial Septum as a Potential Target for Treating Brain Disorders Associated With Oscillopathies.
FRONTIERS IN NEURAL CIRCUITS, 15. Terjedelem: 24-Azonosító: 701080. ISSN 1662-5110 (2021)

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