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Ivić Vedrana and Zjalić Milorad and Blažetić Senka and Fenrich Matija and Labak Irena and Scitovski Rudolf and Szűcs Kálmán Ferenc and Ducza Eszter and Tábi Tamás and Bagaméry Fruzsina and Szökő Éva and Vukovic Rosemary and Roncevic Alen and Mandic Dario and Debeljak Zeljko and Berecki Monika and Balog Marta and Seres-Bokor Adrienn and Sztojkov-Ivanov Anita and Hajagos-Tóth Judit and Gáspár Róbert and et al.: Elderly rats fed with a high-fat high-sucrose diet developed sex-dependent metabolic syndrome regardless of long-term metformin and liraglutide treatment.

Balog Marta and Blažetić Senka and Ivić Vedrana and Labak Irena and Krajnik Bartosz and Marin Raquel and Canerina-Amaro Ana and Pereda de Pablo Daniel and Bardak Ana and Gáspár Róbert and Szűcs Kálmán Ferenc and Vári Sándor G. and Heffer Marija: Disarranged neuroplastin environment upon aging and chronic stress recovery in female Sprague Dawley rats.
EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE, 55 (9-10). pp. 2474-2490. ISSN 0953-816X (2022)

Jurić Marija and Balog Marta and Ivić Vedrana and Bošković Maria and Benzon Benjamin and Racetin Anita and Vukojević Katarina and Bočina Ivana and Kević Nives and Restović Ivana and Szűcs Kálmán Ferenc and Gáspár Róbert and Heffer Marija and Vari Sandor G. and Filipović Natalija: Increased expression of dendrin in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord during stress is regulated by sex hormones.
NEUROPEPTIDES, 86. Terjedelem: 11 p-Azonosító: 102126. ISSN 0143-4179 (2021)

Matić Anita and Vuković Rosemary and Heffer Marija and Balog Marta and Ivić Vedrana and Gáspár Róbert and Ducza Eszter and Szűcs Kálmán Ferenc and Seres Adrienn and Vári Sándor G. and Drenjančević Ines: Sex differences in oxidative stress level and antioxidative enzymes expression and activity in obese pre-diabetic elderly rats treated with metformin or liraglutide.
CROATIAN MEDICAL JOURNAL, 62 (3). pp. 215-226. ISSN 0353-9504 (2021)

Luetić Martina and Kretzschmar Genia and Grobe Maximilian and Jerčić Leo and Bota Ivana and Ivić Vedrana and Balog Marta and Zjalić Milorad and Uljević Marija Vitlov and Heffer Marija and Gáspár Róbert and Tabi Tamás and Vukojević Katarina and Vari Sandor G. and Filipović Natalija: Sex-specific effects of metformin and liraglutide on renal pathology and expression of connexin 45 and pannexin 1 following long-term high-fat high-sugar diet.
ACTA HISTOCHEMICA, 123 (8). Terjedelem: 11-Azonosító: 151817. ISSN 0065-1281 (2021)

Balogh Márta and Ivić Vedrana and Scitovski Rudolf and Labak Irena and Szűcs Kálmán Ferenc and Gáspár Róbert and Vári Sándor G. and Heffer Marija: A mathematical model reveals sex-specific changes in glucose and insulin tolerance during rat puberty and maturation.
CROATIAN MEDICAL JOURNAL, 61. pp. 107-118. ISSN 0353-9504 (2020)

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