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Makra Zsófia and Madácsi Ramóna and Martinek Tamás and Bényei Attila Csaba and Puskás László and Gyuris Márió and Kanizsai Iván: Phosphine(III)‐Triggered One‐Pot Domino Sequences towards 5,6‐Dihydropyridine‐2‐(1 H )‐One and Pyridine‐2(1 H )‐One Scaffolds.
ADVANCED SYNTHESIS & CATALYSIS, 364 (6). pp. 1134-1143. ISSN 1615-4150 (2022)

Madácsi Ramóna and Gyuris Márió and Wölfling János and Puskás László and Kanizsai Iván: Highly regioselective 4-hydroxy-1-methylpiperidine mediated aromatic nucleophilic substitution on a perfluorinated phthalimide core.
JOURNAL OF FLUORINE CHEMISTRY, 212. pp. 38-44. ISSN 0022-1139 (2018)

Demjén András and Alföldi Róbert and Angyal Anikó and Gyuris Márió and Hackler László Jr. and Szebeni Gábor and Wölfling János and Puskás László: Synthesis, cytotoxic characterization, and SAR study of imidazo[1,2-b]pyrazole-7-carboxamides.
ARCHIV DER PHARMAZIE, 351 (7). Paper e1800062-21 p.. ISSN 0365-6233 (2018)

Gyuris Márió and Hackler László and Nagy Lajos and Alföldi Róbert and Rédei Eszter and Marton Annamária and Vellai Tibor and Faragó Nóra and Ózsvári Béla and Hetényi Anasztázia and Tóth Gábor K. and Sipos Péter and Kanizsai Iván and Puskás László: Mannich Curcuminoids as Potent Anticancer Agents.
ARCHIV DER PHARMAZIE, 350 (7). Terjedelem:22-Azonosító:e1700005. ISSN 0365-6233 (2017)

Hackler László and Ózsvári Béla and Gyuris Márió and Sipos Péter and Fábián Gabriella and Molnár Eszter and Marton Annamária and Faragó Nóra and Mihály József and Nagy Lajos István and Szénási Tibor and Diron Andrea and Párducz Árpád and Kanizsai Iván and Puskás László G.: The Curcumin Analog C-150, Influencing NF-kappaB, UPR and Akt/Notch Pathways Has Potent Anticancer Activity In Vitro and In Vivo.
PLoS ONE, 11 (3). Terjedelem: 16 p.-Azonosító: e0149832. ISSN 1932-6203 (2016)

Nagy Lajos and Fehér Z. Liliána and Szebeni Gábor J. and Gyuris Márió and Sipos Pál Miklós and Alföldi Róbert and Ózsvári Zoltán and Hackler László Jr. and Balázs Anita and Batár Péter and Kanizsai Iván and Puskás László G.: Curcumin and Its Analogue Induce Apoptosis in Leukemia Cells and Have Additive Effects with Bortezomib in Cellular and Xenograft Models.
BioMed Research International, 2015. Terjedelem: 11 p.-Azonosító: 968981. ISSN 2314-6133 (2015)

Korkmaz Sevil and Barnucz Enikő and Loganathan Sivakkanan and Li Shiliang and Radovits Tamás and Hegedűs Péter and Zubarevich Alina and Hirschberg Kristóf and Weymann Alexander and Puskás László G. and Ózsvári Béla and Faragó Nóra and Kanizsai Iván and Fábián Gabriella and Gyuris Márió and Merkely Béla and Karck Matthias and Szabó Csaba and Szabó Gábor: Q50, an Iron-Chelating and Zinc-Complexing Agent, Improves Cardiac Function in Rat Models of Ischemia/Reperfusion-Induced Myocardial Injury.
CIRCULATION JOURNAL, 77 (7). pp. 1817-1826. ISSN 1346-9843 (2013)

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