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Tiszlavicz Zoltán László and Gyulai Zsófia and Bencsik Krisztina and Szolnoki Zoltán and Kocsis Ágnes Katalin and Somogyvári Ferenc and Vécsei László and Mándi Yvette: RAGE Gene Polymorphisms in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis.
JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR NEUROSCIENCE, 39 (3). pp. 360-365. ISSN 0895-8696 (2009)

Kis Zoltán and Sas Katalin and Gyulai Zsófia and Tresó Bálint and Petrovay Fruzsina and Kapusinszky Beatrix and Csire Márta and Endrész Valéria and Burián Katalin and Mándi Yvette and Vécsei László and Gönczöl Éva: Chronic infections and genetic factors in the development of ischemic stroke.
NEW MICROBIOLOGICA, 30 (3). pp. 213-220. ISSN 1121-7138 (2007)

Kahán Zsuzsanna and Csenki Melinda and Varga Zoltán and Szil Elemér and Cserháti Adrienn and Balog Attila and Gyulai Zsófia and Mándi Yvette and Boda Krisztina and Thurzó László: The risk of early and late lung sequelae after conformal radiotherapy in breast cancer patients.

Hofner Peter and Balog Attila and Gyulai Zsófia and Farkas Gyula and Rakonczay Zoltán, ifj. and Takács Tamás and Mándi Yvette: Polymorphism in the il-8 gene, but not in the tlr4 gene, increases the severity of acute pancreatitis.
PANCREATOLOGY, 6 (6). pp. 542-548. ISSN 1424-3903 (2006)

Balog Attila and Borbényi Zita and Gyulai Zsófia and Molnar Lenke and Mándi Yvette: Clinical importance of transforming growth factor-beta but not of tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene polymorphisms in patients with the myelodysplastic syndrome belonging to the refractory anemia subtype.
PATHOBIOLOGY, 72 (3). pp. 165-170. ISSN 1015-2008 (2005)

Gyulai Zsófia and Balog Attila and Borbényi Zita and Mándi Yvette: Genetic polymorphisms in patients with myelodysplastic syndrome.
ACTA MICROBIOLOGICA ET IMMUNOLOGICA HUNGARICA, 52 (3-4). pp. 463-475. ISSN 1217-8950 (2005)

Balog Attila and Gyulai Zsófia and Boros László G. and Farkas Gyula and Takács Tamás and Lonovics János and Mándi Yvette: Polymorphism of the TNF-alpha, HSP70-2, and CD14 genes increases susceptibility to severe acute pancreatitis.
PANCREAS, 30 (2). E46-E50. ISSN 0885-3177 (2005)

Balog Attila and Klausz Gergely and Gál János and Molnár Tamás and Nagy Ferenc and Ocsovszki Imre and Gyulai Zsófia and Mándi Yvette: Investigation of the prognostic value of TNF-alpha gene polymorphism among patients treated with infliximab, and the effects of infliximab therapy on TNF-alpha production and apoptosis.
PATHOBIOLOGY, 71 (5). pp. 274-280. ISSN 1015-2008 (2004)

Burián Katalin and Berencsi Klára and Endrész Valéria and Gyulai Zsófia and Valyi Nagy Tibor and Vályi-Nagy István and Bakay Márta and Geng Yuemei and Virók Dezső and Kari László and Hajnal-Papp Rozália and Trinchieri Giorgio and Gönczöl Éva: Chlamydia pneumoniae exacerbates aortic inflammatory foci caused by murine cytomegalovirus infection in normocholesterolemic mice.

Endrész Valéria and Burián Katalin and Berencsi K. and Gyulai Zsófia and Kari L. and Horton H. and Virók Dezső and Méric C. and Plotkin S.A. and Gönczöl Éva: Optimization of DNA immunization against human cytomegalovirus.
VACCINE, 19 (28-29). pp. 3972-3980. ISSN 0264-410X (2001)

Gyulai Zsófia and Endrész Valéria and Burián Katalin and Pincus Steve and Toldy Joseph and Cox William I. and Meric Claude and Plotkin Stanley and Gönczöl Éva and Berencsi Klára: Cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) responses to human cytomegalovirus pp65, IE1-exon4, gB, pp150, and pp28 in healthy individuals: Reevaluation of prevalence of IE1-specific CTLs.
JOURNAL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES, 181. pp. 1537-1546. ISSN 0022-1899 (2000)

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