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Kaune Tom and Ruffert Claudia and Hesselbarth Nico and Damm Marko and Krug Sebastian and von Widdern Julian Cardina and Masson Emmanuelle and Chen Jian-Min and Rebours Vinciane and Buscail Louis and Férec Claude and Grützmann Robert and Te Morsche Rene H.M and Drenth Joost PH. and Hegyi Péter: Analysis of GPRC6A variants in different pancreatitis etiologies.
PANCREATOLOGY, 20 (7). pp. 1262-1267. ISSN 1424-3903 (2020)

Kaune Tom and Hollenbach Marcus and Keil Bettina and Chen Jian-Min and Masson Emmanuelle and Becker Carla and Damm Marko and Ruffert Claudia and Grützmann Robert and Hoffmeister Albrecht and H.M.te Morsche Rene and Cavestro Giulia Martina and Zuppardo Raffaella Alessia and Hegyi Péter and Tóth Andrea: Common variants in glyoxalase I do not increase chronic pancreatitis risk.
PLOS ONE, 14 (10). Terjedelem: 14-Azonosító: e0222927. ISSN 1932-6203 (2019)

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