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Kovács Levente and Fatalska Agnieszka and Glover David M.: Targeting Drosophila Sas6 to mitochondria reveals its high affinity for Gorab.
BIOLOGY OPEN, 11 (11). ISSN 2046-6390 (2022)

Pallavi Panda and Kovács Levente and Dzhindzhev Nikola and Fatalska Agnieszka and Persico Veronica and Geymonat Marco and Riparbelli Maria Giovanna and Callaini Giuliano and Glover David M.: Tissue specific requirement of Drosophila Rcd4 for centriole duplication and ciliogenesis.
JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY, 219 (8). Terjedelem: 23-Azonosító: e201912154. ISSN 0021-9525 (2020)

Kovács Levente and Chao-Chu Jennifer and Schneider Sandra and Gottardo Marco and Tzolovsky George and Dzhindzhev Nikola S. and Riparbelli Maria Giovanna and Callaini Giuliano and Glover David M.: Gorab is a Golgi protein required for structure and duplication of Drosophila centrioles.
NATURE GENETICS, 50 (7). pp. 1021-1031. ISSN 1061-4036 (2018)

Lattao Ramona and Kovács Levente and Glover David M.: The Centrioles, Centrosomes, Basal Bodies, and Cilia of Drosophila melanogaster.
GENETICS, 206 (1). pp. 33-53. ISSN 0016-6731 (2017)

Soares Miguel L. and Haraguchi Seiki and Torres-Padilla Maria-Elena and Kalmár Tibor and Carpenter Lee and Bell Graham and Morrison Alastair and Ring Christopher JA and Clarke Neil J. and Glover David M. and Zernicka-Goetz Magdalena: Functional studies of signaling pathways in peri-implantation development of the mouse embryo by RNAi.
BMC Developmental Biology, 5 (1). Terjedelem: 11 p.-Azonosító: 28. ISSN 1471-213X (2005)

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