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Racoviceanu Roxana Marcela and Trandafirescu Cristina and Voicu Mirela and Ghiulai Roxana and Borcan Florin and Dehelean Cristina and Watz Claudia and Aigner Zoltán and Ambrus Rita and Coricovac Coricovac Elena and Cîrcioban Denisa and Mioc Alexandra and Szuhanek Camelia Alexandrina and Şoica Codruta Marinela: Solid Polymeric Nanoparticles of Albendazole: Synthesis, Physico-Chemical Characterization and Biological Activity.
MOLECULES, 25 (21). Azonosító: 5130-Terjedelem: 23 p. ISSN 1420-3049 (2020)

Danciu Corina and Citu Cosmin and Zupkó István and Ghiulai Roxana and Matusz Petru and Pavel Zinuca Ioana and Popescu Alexandra and Pinzaru Iulia and Simu Georgeta and Daliborca Vlad C: In vitro antiproliferative activity of flavonols: Fisetin, quercetin and kaempferol and their cyclodextrin complexes.
FARMACIA (BUCHAREST), 63 (6). pp. 858-864. ISSN 0014-8237 (2015)

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