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Lee B.R. and Dalley R. and Miller J.A. and Chartrand T. and Close J. and Mann R. and Mukora A. and Ng L. and Alfiler L. and Baker K. and Bertagnolli D. and Brouner K. and Casper T. and Csajbók Éva and Donadio N. and Driessens S.L.W. and Egdorf T. and Enstrom R. and Galakhova A.A. and Gary A. and Gelfand E. and Goldy J. and Hadley K. and Heistek T.S. and Hill D. and Hou W.-H. and Johansen N. and Jorstad N. and Kim L. and Kocsis Ágnes Katalin and Molnár Gábor and Szöts Ildikó and Barzó Pál and Tamás Gábor and et al.: Signature morphoelectric properties of diverse GABAergic interneurons in the human neocortex.
SCIENCE, 382 (6667). ISSN 0036-8075 (2023)

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