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Kaemmerer Harald and Gorenflo Matthias and Huscher Dörte and Pittrow David and Apitz Christian and Baumgartner Helmut and Berger Felix and Bruch Leonhard and Brunnemer Eva and Budts Werner and Claussen Martin and Coghlan Gerry and Dähnert Ingo and D’Alto Michele and Delcroix Marion and Distler Oliver and Dittrich Sven and Dumitrescu Daniel and Ewert Ralf and Faehling Martin and Germund Ingo and Ghofrani Hossein Ardeschir and Grohé Christian and Grossekreymborg Karsten and Halank Michael and Hansmann Georg and Harzheim Dominik and Nemes Attila and Havasi Kálmán and Held Matthias and Hoeper Marius M. and Hofbeck Michael and Hohenfrost-Schmidt Wolfgang and Jureviciene Elena and Gumbienè Lina and Kabitz Hans-Joachim and Klose Hans and Köhler Thomas and Konstantinides Stavros and Köestenberger Martin and Kozlik-Feldmann Rainer and Kramer Hans-Heiner and Kropf-Sanchen Cornelia and Lammers Astrid and Lange Tobias and Meyn Philipp and Miera Oliver and Milger-Kneidinger Katrin and Neidenbach Rhoia and Neurohr Claus and Opitz Christian and Perings Christian and Remppis Bjoern Andrew and Riemekasten Gabriele and Scelsi Laura and Scholtz Werner and Simkova Iveta and Skowasch Dirk and Skride Andris and Stähler Gerd and Stiller Brigitte and Tsangaris Iraklis and Vizza Carmine Dario and Noordegraaf Anton Vonk and Wilkens Heinrike and Wirtz Hubert and Diller Gerhard-Paul and Grünig Ekkehard and Rosenkranz Stephan: Pulmonary Hypertension in Adults with Congenital Heart Disease: Real-World Data from the International COMPERA-CHD Registry.
JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE, 9 (5). Terjedelem: 21-Azonosító: 1456. ISSN 2077-0383 (2020)

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