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Orosz Tímea and Bajtai Attila and Le Minh Tam and Tanács Dániel and Szakonyi Zsolt and Fülöp Ferenc and Antal Péter and Ilisz István: Chiral high‐performance liquid and supercritical fluid chromatographic enantioseparations of limonene‐based bicyclic aminoalcohols and aminodiols on polysaccharide‐based chiral stationary phases.
BIOMEDICAL CHROMATOGRAPHY, 33 (5). Terjedelem: 11 p-Azonosító: e4517. ISSN 0269-3879 (2019)

Óvári Gabriella and Páska Csilla and Stiedl Péter and Trimmel Bálint and Hontvári Dorina and Soós Borbála and Hermann Péter and Tóth Zsuzsanna and Szántó Ildikó and Nagy Ákos and Nagy Katalin and Szalai Csaba and Hullám Gábor István and Temesi Gergely and Antal Péter and Varga Gábor and Tarján Ildikó: Complex analysis of multiple single nucleotide polymorphisms as putative risk factors of tooth agenesis in the Hungarian population.
ACTA ODONTOLOGICA SCANDINAVICA, 72 (3). pp. 216-227. ISSN 0001-6357 (2014)

Farkas Eszter and Süle Zoltán and Tóth-Szűki Valéria and Mátyás Adrienne and Antal Péter and Farkas Ibolya and Mihály András and Bari Ferenc: Tumor necrosis factor-alpha increases cerebral blood flow and ultrastructural capillary damage through the release of nitric oxide in the rat brain.
MICROVASCULAR RESEARCH, 72 (3). pp. 113-119. ISSN 0026-2862 (2006)

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