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Lazar Jozsef and Antal-Szalmás Péter and Kurucz Istvan and Ferenczi Annamaria and Józsi Mihály and Tornyi Ilona and Fekete János Tibor and FitzGerald Peter and Gall-Debreceni Anna and Kádas János and Vida András and Hempel William and Kovacs Andras and Kardos Tamas and Bittner Nóra and Csanky Eszter and Szilasi Mária and Losonczy György and Szondy Klára and Gálffy Gabriella and Csada Edit and Szalontai Klára Margit and Somfay Attila and Malka David and Bogos Krisztina: Large-Scale Plasma Proteome Epitome Profiling is an Efficient Tool for the Discovery of Cancer Biomarkers.
MOLECULAR & CELLULAR PROTEOMICS, 22 (7). ISSN 1535-9476 (2023)

Nagy Béla Jr. and Nagy Béla and Bede Olga and Nagy Dóra and Újhelyi Rita and Szabó Ágnes and Anghelyi Andrea and Major Miklós and Bene Zsolt and Fejes Zsolt and Antal-Szalmás Péter and Balla György and Kappelmayer János: Human epididymis protein 4 (HE4): a novel serum inflammatory biomarker in cystic fibrosis.
CHEST, 150 (3). pp. 661-672. ISSN 0012-3692 (2016)

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