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Szabó Anna and Ruzsanyi Vera and Unterkofler Karl and Mohácsi Árpád and Tuboly Eszter and Boros Mihály and Szabó Gábor and Hinterhuber Hartmann and Amann Anton: Exhaled methane concentration profiles during exercise on an ergometer.
JOURNAL OF BREATH RESEARCH, 9 (1). Terjedelem: 9 p.-Azonosító: 016009. ISSN 1752-7155 (2015)

Boros Mihály and Tuboly Eszter and Mészáros András and Amann Anton: The role of methane in mammalian physiology-is it a gasotransmitter?
JOURNAL OF BREATH RESEARCH, 9 (1). Terjedelem: 10 p-Azonosító: 014001. ISSN 1752-7155 (2015)

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