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North Michael and Abrantes Pedro and Remiezowicz Eryk and Bardow André and Dodson Jennifer and Manning Troy and Albo Jonathan and Reed Daniel and Harris Derek and Ingram Ian and Cowan Alexander and Moss Matthew and Carrera Gonçalo V. S. M. and Foote Alexander and Fraga Eric and Styring Peter and Bogaerts Annemie and Centi Gabriele and Navarrete Alexander and Comerford James and Dowson George and Coogan Anthony and Butterworth Thomas and Lamb Katie and Aresta Michele and Janáky Csaba and Heyn Richard and Webb William and van Rooij Gerard and Meine Niklas and Meynen Vera and Michez Roman and Churina Dina and Dossumov Kusman and Du Xian and Spooren Jeroen and Herskowitz Moti and Michiels Koen and Capacchione Carmine: CO2 reduction reactions: general discussion.
FARADAY DISCUSSIONS, 183. pp. 261-290. ISSN 1359-6640 (2015)

Remiezowicz Eryk and Spooren Jeroen and Bay Elizabeth and Cowan Alexander and Ingram Ian and Abrantes Pedro and Nunes da Ponte Manuel and North Michael and Albo Jonathan and Styring Peter and Priestnall Michael and Lamb Katie and Aresta Michele and Quadrelli Elsje Alessandra and Heyn Richard and Bardow André and Webb William and Silva Renata and Alonso-Moreno Carlos and Janáky Csaba and Maitland Geoffrey and Vaidyanathan Seetharaman and V. S. M. Carrera Gonçalo and Reed Daniel and Vanbroekhoven Karolien and Yavuz Cafer Tayyar and Pant Deepak and Hollingsworth Nathan: Capture agents, conversion mechanisms, biotransformations and biomimetics: general discussion.
FARADAY DISCUSSIONS, 183. pp. 463-487. ISSN 1359-6640 (2015)

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