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Allouche Jennifer and Rachmin Inbal and Adhikari Kaustubh and Pardo Luba M. and Lee Ju Hee and McConnell Alicia M. and Kato Shinichiro and Fan Shaohua and Kawakami Akinori and Suita Yusuke and Wakamatsu Kazumasa and Igras Vivien and Zhang Jianming and Navarro Paula P. and Lugo Camila Makhlouta and Noonan Haley R. and Christie Kathleen A. and Itin Kaspar and Mujahid Nisma and Lo Jennifer A. and Won Chong Hyun and Evans Conor L. and Weng Qing Yu and Wang Hequn and Osseiran Sam and Lovas Alyssa and Németh István Balázs and Cozzio Antonio and Navarini Alexander A. and Hsiao Jennifer J. and Nguyen Nhu and Kemény Lajos V. and Iliopoulos Othon and Berking Carola and Ruzicka Thomas and Gonzalez-Jose ́ Rolando and Bortolini Maria-Cátira and Canizales-Quinteros Samuel and Acuna-Alonso Victor and Gallo Carla and Poletti Giovanni and Bedoya Gabriel and Rothhammer Francisco and Ito Shosuke and Schiaffino Maria Vittoria and Chao Luke H. and Kleinstiver Benjamin P. and Tishkoff Sarah and Zon Leonard I. and Nijsten Tamar and Ruiz-Linares Andrés and Fisher David E. and Roider Elisabeth Maria: NNT mediates redox-dependent pigmentation via a UVB- and MITF-independent mechanism.
CELL, 184 (16). 4268-4283.e20. ISSN 0092-8674 (2021)

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