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Aczél Timea and Benczik Bettina and Ágg Bence and Körtési Tamás and Urbán Péter and Bauer Witold and Gyenesei Attila and Tuka Bernadett and Tajti János and Ferdinandy Péter and Vécsei László and Bölcskei Kata and Kun József and Helyes Zsuzsanna: Disease- and headache-specific microRNA signatures and their predicted mRNA targets in peripheral blood mononuclear cells in migraineurs: role of inflammatory signalling and oxidative stress.
JOURNAL OF HEADACHE AND PAIN, 23 (1). ISSN 1129-2369 (2022)

Gáspár Renáta and Gömöri Kamilla and Kiss Bernadett and Szántai Ágnes and Pálóczi János and Varga Zoltán V. and Pipis Judit and Váradi Barnabás and Ágg Bence and Csont Tamás Bálint and Ferdinandy Péter and Bartekova Monika and Görbe Anikó: Decorin Protects Cardiac Myocytes against Simulated Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury.
MOLECULES, 25 (15). Azonosító: 3426-Terjedelem: 19 p. ISSN 1420-3049 (2020)

Schreckenberg Rolf and Klein Johann and Kutsche Hanna Sarah and Schulz Rainer and Gömöri Kamilla and Bencsik Péter and Benczik Bettina and Ágg Bence and Sághy Éva and Ferdinandy Péter and Schlüter Klaus-Dieter: Ischaemic post-conditioning in rats : Responder and non-responder differ in transcriptome of mitochondrial proteins.
JOURNAL OF CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE, 24 (10). pp. 5528-5541. ISSN 1582-1838 (2020)

Robinson E.L. Emma Louise and Costa Gomes da Clarissa Pedrosa and Potočnjak Ines and Hellemans Jan and Betsou Fay and Gonzalo-Calvo David de and Stoll Monica and Yilmaz Mehmet Birhan and Ágg Bence and Beis Dimitris and Carmo-Fonseca Maria and Enguita Francisco J. and Dogan Soner and Tuna Bilge G. and Bencsik Péter and Kollaborációs szervezet: EU-CardioRNA COST Action and et al.: A Year in the Life of the EU-CardioRNA COST Action: CA17129 Catalysing Transcriptomics Research in Cardiovascular Disease.
NON-CODING RNA, 6 (2). ISSN 2311-553X (2020)

Bencsik Péter and Kiss Krisztina and Ágg Bence and Baán Júlia Aliz and Ágoston Gergely and Varga Albert and Gömöri Kamilla and Mendler Luca and Faragó Nóra and Faragó Nóra and Sántha Péter and Faragó Nóra and Jancsó Gábor and Ferdinandy Péter: Sensory Neuropathy Affects Cardiac miRNA Expression Network Targeting IGF-1, SLC2a-12, EIF-4e, and ULK-2 mRNAs.

Ágg Bence and Baranyai Tamás and Makkos András and Vető Borbála and Faragó Nóra and Zvara Ágnes and Giricz Zoltán and Veres Dániel and Csermely Péter and Arányi Tamás and Puskás László and Varga Zoltán and Ferdinandy Péter: MicroRNA interactome analysis predicts post-transcriptional regulation of ADRB2 and PPP3R1 in the hypercholesterolemic myocardium.
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 (1). Terjedelem:11-Azonosító:10134. ISSN 2045-2322 (2018)

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