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Balogh, Zsolt, Pálinkó, István: Building dendrimer-like structures from a-phenyl pyrimidylcinnamic acid—a molecular modeling approach.
Journal of Molecular Structure: THEOCHEM, 623 (1-3). pp. 11-15. ISSN 01661280 (2003)

Bereznai, Miklós, Pelsőczi-Kovács, István, Tóth, Zsolt, Laczkóné Turzó, Kinga Mónika, Radnai, Márta, Bor, Zsolt, Fazekas, András: Surface modifications induced by ns and sub-ps excimer laser pulses on titanium implant material.
BIOMATERIALS, 24 (23). pp. 4197-4203. ISSN 0142-9612 (2003)

Berkesi, Ottó, Körtvélyesi, Tamás, Hetényi, Csaba, Németh, Tamás, Pálinkó, István: Hydrogen bonding interactions of benzylidene type Schiff bases studied by vibrational spectroscopic and computational methods.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 5 (10). pp. 2009-2014. ISSN 1463-9076 (2003)

Bottyán, Zsolt, Balázs, B, Gál, Tamás Mátyás, Zboray, Z: A statistical approach for estimating mean maximum urban temperature excess.
ACTA CLIMATOLOGICA ET CHOROLOGICA, 36-37. pp. 17-26. ISSN 1587-5903 (2003)


Gosztolya, Gábor, Kocsor, András: Improving the Multi-stack Decoding Algorithm in a Segmentbased Speech Recognizer.
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2718. pp. 744-749. ISSN 0302-9743 (2003)

Gosztolya, Gábor, Kocsor, András, Tóth, László, Felföldi, László: Various Robust Search Methods in a Hungarian Speech Recognition System.
ACTA CYBERNETICA-SZEGED, 16 (2). pp. 229-240. ISSN 0324-721X (2003)


Hernádi, Klára, Kónya, Zoltán, Siska, Andrea, Kiss, János, Oszkó, Albert Zoltán, Nagy, Janosh B., Kiricsi, Imre: On the role of catalyst, catalyst support and their interaction in synthesis of carbon nanotubes by CCVD.
Materials Chemistry and Physics, 77 (2). pp. 536-541. ISSN 02540584 (2003)


Jakab, Ida Noémi, Hernádi, Klára, Méhn, Dóra, Kollár, Tibor, Pálinkó, István: Anchoring copper–amino acid complexes on silica or in montmorillonite—an FT-IR study.
Journal of Molecular Structure, 651-653. pp. 109-114. ISSN 00222860 (2003)


Kecskés, Tamara, Barthos, Róbert, Raskó, János, Kiss, János: The effect of adsorbed CO on the surface chemistry of CH3 on Rh(111).
Vacuum, 71 (1-2). pp. 107-111. ISSN 0042-207X (2003)

Kollár, Tibor, Pálinkó, István, Kónya, Zoltán, Kiricsi, Imre: Intercalating amino acid guests into montmorillonite host.
Journal of Molecular Structure, 651-653. pp. 335-340. ISSN 00222860 (2003)

Kredics, László, Antal, Zsuzsanna, Dóczi, Ilona, Manczinger, László, Kevei, Ferenc, Nagy, Erzsébet: Clinical importance of the genus Trichoderma.
Acta Microbiologica et Immunologica Hungarica, 50 (2-3). pp. 105-117. ISSN 1217-8950 (2003)

Kónya, Zoltán, Vesselenyi, I, Lázár, Károly, Kiss, János, Kiricsi, Imre: Comparison of Fe/Al2O3 and Fe,Co/Al2O3 catalysts used for production of carbon nanotubes from acetylene by CCVD.


Labádi, Imre, Szilágyi, István, Jakab, Ida Noémi, Hernádi, Klára, Pálinkó, István: Metal complexes immobilised in/on porous matrices - possible enzyme mimics.
Materials Science-Poland, 21 (2). pp. 235-244. ISSN 0137-1339 (2003)


Magyar, Angéla, Szendi, Zsuzsanna, Kiss, T. János, Pálinkó, István: Intra- and intermolecular hydrogen bondings in steroids - A combined experimental and theoretical study.
Journal of Molecular Structure: THEOCHEM, 666-667. pp. 163-168. ISSN 01661280 (2003)

Meskó, Eszter: Teaching information retrieval in the chemistry curriculum.
Chemistry Education Research and Practice, 4 (3). pp. 373-385. ISSN 1109-4028 (2003)


Pálinkó, István: Comments on Catalytic Probe of the Surface Statistics of Palladium Crystallites Deposited on Montmorillonite.
Chemistry of Materials, 15 (2). p. 606. ISSN 0897-4756 (2003)


Raskó, János, Kiss, János: Infrared study of the adsorption of CO and CH3on silica-supported MoO3 and Mo2C catalysts.
Applied Catalysis A: General, 253. pp. 427-436. ISSN 0926-860X (2003)


Szilágyi, István, Nagy, Gábor, Hernádi, Klára, Labádi, Imre, Pálinkó, István: Modeling copper-containing enzyme mimics.
Journal of Molecular Structure: Theochem, 666-667. pp. 451-453. ISSN 0166-1280 (2003)


Talabér, Emánuel, Paksi, Zoltán, Pálinkó, István: Intermolecular hydrogen bonding interactions between α-phenyl furylcinnamic acid stereoisomers studied by semiempirical quantum chemical method.
Journal of Molecular Structure: THEOCHEM, 620 (1). pp. 37-41. ISSN 01661280 (2003)


Waldhauser, Tamás: Minimal clones with weakly abelian representations.
ACTA SCIENTIARUM MATHEMATICARUM - SZEGED, 69. pp. 505-521. ISSN 0001-6969 (2003)

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