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Csernicskó István and Fenyvesi Anna: Sociolinguistic and Contact-induced Variation in Hungarian Language Use in Subcarpathia, Ukraine.
American Hungarian Educators Association, 5 (33). pp. 1-30. ISSN 1936-8879 (2012)

Fenyvesi Anna: Hungarian minorities in Romania, Slovakia and Serbia: Schoolchildren’s attitudes to their languages (minority vs. majority languages vs. EFL) and the teaching of these languages in schools.
Finnisch-ugrische Mitteilungen, 35. pp. 35-54. ISSN 0341-7816 (2012)

Kiss Attila: Herder, National identity, and the Hungarian Cult of Shakespeare.
In: Vajda Zoltán (szerk.) Költők, kémek, detektívek, pirítós és fordítások : írások Novák György tiszteletére = Poets, spies, detectives, pieces of toast, and translations : essays in honor of György Novák. JATE Press, Szeged, pp. 127-134. (2012) ISBN 978-963-315-084-9

Kiss Attila: “Walking Anatomies:” Violence and Dissection on the Early Modern English Stage.
In: Kinga Földváry, Erzsébet Stróbl (szerk.) Early modern communi(cati)ons : studies in early modern English literature and culture. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, pp. 222-242. (2012) ISBN 9781443841863

Kiss Attila: The transmediality of the self: desubstantiation, fantasy and terror in and through Adrienne Kennedy’s characters.
Americana: e-journal of American studies in Hungary, 8 (1). online. ISSN 1787-4637 (2012)

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