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Juhász, Orsolya, Bátori, Zoltán, Trigos-Peral, Gema, Lőrinczi, Gábor, Módra, Gábor, Bóni, Imola, Kiss, Péter János, Aguilon, Dianne Joy, Tenyér, Anna, Maák, István Elek: Large- and Small-Scale Environmental Factors Drive Distributions of Ant Mound Size Across a Latitudinal Gradient.
Insects, 11 (6). Azonosító: 350-Terjedelem: 11 p.. ISSN 2075-4450 (2020)

Czechowski, Wojciech, Trigos-Peral, Gema, Maák, István Elek, Vepsäläinen, Kari: Alate gyne of the ant Dolichoderus quadripunctatus (L.) (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) follows foraging trail to aphids.
JOURNAL OF HYMENOPTERA RESEARCH, 71. pp. 241-248. ISSN 1070-9428 (2019)

Rutkowski, Tomasz, Maák, István Elek, Vepsäläinen, Kari, Trigos-Peral, Gema, Stephan, Wojciech, Wojtaszyn, Grzegorz, Czechowski, Wojciech: Ants trapped for years in an old bunker; survival by cannibalism and eventual escape.
JOURNAL OF HYMENOPTERA RESEARCH, 72. pp. 177-184. ISSN 1070-9428 (2019)

Grześ, Irena Maria, Ślipiński, Piotr, Babik, Hania, Moroń, Dawid, Walter, Bartosz, Trigos-Peral, Gema, Maák, István Elek, Witek, Magdalena: Colony size and brood investment of Myrmica rubra ant colonies in habitats invaded by goldenrods.
INSECTES SOCIAUX, 65 (2). pp. 275-280. ISSN 0020-1812 (2018)

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