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Kúsz, Norbert, Stefkó, Dóra, Barta, Anita, Kincses, Annamária, Szemerédi, Nikoletta, Spengler, Gabriella, Hohmann, Judit, Vasas, Andrea: Juncaceae Species as Promising Sources of Phenanthrenes: Antiproliferative Compounds from Juncus maritimus Lam.
MOLECULES, 26 (4). Terjedelem: 11 p-Azonosító: 999. ISSN 1420-3049 (2021)

Stefkó, Dóra, Kúsz, Norbert, Barta, Anita, Kele, Zoltán, Bakacsy, László, Szepesi, Ágnes, Fazakas, Csilla, Wilhelm, Imola Mária, Krizbai, István Adorján, Hohmann, Judit, Vasas, Andrea: Gerardiins A–L and Structurally Related Phenanthrenes from the Halophyte Plant Juncus gerardii and Their Cytotoxicity against Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cells.
JOURNAL OF NATURAL PRODUCTS, 83 (10). pp. 3058-3068. ISSN 0163-3864 (2020)

Stefkó, Dóra, Kúsz, Norbert, Csorba, Attila, Jakab, Gusztáv, Bérdi, Péter, Zupkó, István, Hohmann, Judit, Vasas, Andrea: Phenanthrenes from Juncus atratus with antiproliferative activity.
TETRAHEDRON, 75 (1). pp. 116-120. ISSN 0040-4020 (2019)

Bús, Csaba, Tóth, Barbara, Stefkó, Dóra, Hohmann, Judit, Vasas, Andrea: Family Juncaceae: promising source of biologically active natural phenanthrenes.
PHYTOCHEMISTRY REVIEWS, 17 (4). pp. 833-851. ISSN 1568-7767 (2018)

Orbán-Gyapai, Orsolya, Liktor-Busa, Erika, Kúsz, Norbert, Stefkó, Dóra, Urbán, Edit, Hohmann, Judit, Vasas, Andrea: Antibacterial screening of Rumex species native to the Carpathian Basin and bioactivity-guided isolation of compounds from Rumex aquaticus.
FITOTERAPIA, 118. pp. 101-106. ISSN 0367-326X (2017)

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