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Campana, Luca G., Peric, Barbara, Mascherini, Matteo, Spina, Romina, Kunte, Christian, Kis, Erika, Rózsa, Petra, Quaglino, Pietro, Jones, Rowan Pritchard, P. Clover, A. James, Curatolo, Pietro, Giorgione, Roberto, Cemazar, Maja, de Terlizzi, Francesca, Bosnjak, Masa, Sersa, Gregor: Combination of Pembrolizumab with Electrochemotherapy in Cutaneous Metastases from Melanoma: A Comparative Retrospective Study from the InspECT and Slovenian Cancer Registry.
CANCERS, 13 (17). Terjedelem: 13-Azonosító: 4289. ISSN 2072-6694 (2021)

Sersa, Gregor, Mascherini, Matteo, Prata, di, Claudia, Odili, Joy, Terlizzi, de, Francesca, McKenzie, Gordon A.G., Clover, Anthony James P., Bertino, Giulia, Spina, Romina, Grošelj, Aleš, Cappellesso, Rocco, Gehl, Julie, Bisase, Brian S., Curatolo, Pietro, Kis, Erika: Outcomes of older adults aged 90 and over with cutaneous malignancies after electrochemotherapy with bleomycin: A matched cohort analysis from the InspECT registry.
EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY, 47 (4). pp. 902-912. ISSN 0748-7983 (2021)

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