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Spekker, Olga, Hunt, David R., Berthon, William, Paja, László, Molnár, Erika, Pálfi, György, Schultz, Michael: Tracking down the White Plague. Chapter three: Revision of endocranial abnormally pronounced digital impressions as paleopathological diagnostic criteria for tuberculous meningitis.
PLOS ONE, 16 (3). Terjedelem: 21-Azonosító: e0249020. ISSN 1932-6203 (2021)

Spekker, Olga, Hunt, David R., Paja, László, Molnár, Erika, Pálfi, György, Schultz, Michael: Tracking down the White Plague: The skeletal evidence of tuberculous meningitis in the Robert J. Terry Anatomical Skeletal Collection.
PLoS ONE Open Access, 15 (3). Azonosító: e0230418-Terjedelem: 17 p. (2020)

Spekker, Olga, Schultz, Michael, Paja, László, Váradi, Orsolya Anna, Molnár, Erika, Pálfi, György, Hunt, David R.: Tracking down the White Plaque. Chapter two: The role of endocranial abnormal blood vessel impressions and periosteal appositions in the paleopathological diagnosis of tuberculous meningitis.
PLOS ONE, 15 (9). Azonosító: e0238444-Terjedelem: 22 p. ISSN 1932-6203 (2020)

Molnár, Erika, Schultz, Michael, Schmidt-Schultz, Tyede H, Marcsik, Antónia, Buczkó, Krisztina, Zádori, Péter, Biró, Gergely, Bernert, Zsolt, Baumhoer, Daniel, Hajdu, Tamás: Rare Case of an Ancient Craniofacial Osteosarcoma with Probable Surgical Intervention.
PATHOLOGY AND ONCOLOGY RESEARCH, 23 (3). pp. 583-587. ISSN 1219-4956 (2017)

Szikossy, Ildikó, Pálfi, György, Molnár, Erika, Karlinger, Kinga, Kovács, K. Balázs, Korom, Csaba, Schultz, Michael, Schmidt-Schultz, Tyede H., Spigelman, Mark, Donoghue, Helen D., Kustár, Ágnes, Pap, Ildikó: Two positive tuberculosis cases in the late Nigrovits family, 18th century, Vac, Hungary.
TUBERCULOSIS, 95 (Suppl 1). S69-S72. ISSN 1472-9792 (2015)

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