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Euler, Gerhild, Locquet, Fabian, Kociszewska, Joanna, Osygus, Yvonne, Heger, Jacqueline, Schreckenberg, Rolf, Schlüter, Klaus-Dieter, Kenyeres, Éva, Szabados, Tamara, Bencsik, Péter, Ferdinandy, Péter, Schulz, Rainer: Matrix Metalloproteinases Repress Hypertrophic Growth in Cardiac Myocytes.
CARDIOVASCULAR DRUGS AND THERAPY, 35 (2). pp. 353-365. ISSN 0920-3206 (2021)

Schreckenberg, Rolf, Klein, Johann, Kutsche, Hanna Sarah, Schulz, Rainer, Gömöri, Kamilla, Bencsik, Péter, Benczik, Bettina, Ágg, Bence, Sághy, Éva, Ferdinandy, Péter, Schlüter, Klaus-Dieter: Ischaemic post-conditioning in rats : Responder and non-responder differ in transcriptome of mitochondrial proteins.
JOURNAL OF CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE, 24 (10). pp. 5528-5541. ISSN 1582-1838 (2020)

Giricz, Zoltán, Makkos, András, Schreckenberg, Rolf, Pöling, Jochen, Lörchner, Holger, Kiss, Krisztina, Bencsik, Péter, Braun, Thomas, Schulz, Rainer, Ferdinandy, Péter, Schlüter, Klaus-Dieter: Swiprosin-1/EFhD-2 Expression in Cardiac Remodeling and Post-Infarct Repair.
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, 21 (9). Azonosító: 3359-Terjedelem: 13 p. ISSN 1661-6596 (2020)

Schreckenberg, Rolf, Bencsik, Péter, Weber, Martin, Abdallah, Yaser, Csonka, Csaba, Gömöri, Kamilla, Kiss, Krisztina, Pálóczi, János, Pipis, Judit, Sárközy, Márta, Ferdinandy, Péter, Schulz, Rainer, Schlüter, Klaus-Dieter: Adverse effects on beta-adrenergic receptor coupling: ischemic postconditioning failed to preserve long-term cardiac function.
JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION, 6 (12). Terjedelem: 25 p.-Azonosító: e006809. ISSN 2047-9980 (2017)

Brockhoff, Bastian, Schreckenberg, Rolf, Forst, Svenja, Heger, Jacqueline, Bencsik, Péter, Kiss, Krisztina, Ferdinandy, Péter, Schulz, Rainer, Schlüter, Klaus-Dieter: Effect of nitric oxide deficiency on the pulmonary PTHrP system.
JOURNAL OF CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE, 21 (1). pp. 96-106. ISSN 1582-1838 (2017)

Boengler, Kerstin, Bencsik, Péter, Pálóczi, János, Kiss, Krisztina, Pipicz, Márton, Pipis, Judit, Ferdinandy, Péter, Schlüter, Klaus-Dieter, Schulz, Rainer: Lack of Contribution of p66shc and Its Mitochondrial Translocation to Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury and Cardioprotection by Ischemic Preconditioning.
FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY, 8. Azonosító: 733-Terjedelem: 10 p.. ISSN eISSN: 1664-042X (2017)

Schreckenberg, Rolf, Weber, Pia, Cabrera-Fuentes, Hector A, Steinert, Isabel, Preissner, Klaus T, Bencsik, Péter, Sárközy, Márta, Csonka, Csaba, Ferdinandy, Péter, Schulz, Rainer, Schlüter, Klaus-Dieter: Mechanism and consequences of the shift in cardiac arginine metabolism following ischaemia and reperfusion in rats.
Thrombosis and haemostasis, 113 (3). pp. 482-493. ISSN 0340-6245 (2015)

Schreckenberg, Rolf, da Costa Rebelo, Manuel, Deten, Alexander, Weber, Martin, Rohrbach, Susanne, Pipicz, Márton, Csonka, Csaba, Ferdinandy, Péter, Schulz, Rainer, Schlüter, Klaus-Dieter: Specific mechanisms underlying right heart failure: the missing upregulation of superoxide dismutase-2 and its decisive role in antioxidative defense.
ANTIOXIDANTS & REDOX SIGNALING, 23 (15). pp. 1220-1232. ISSN 1523-0864 (2015)

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