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Balogh, Nikoletta, Schelz, Zsuzsanna, Zupkó, István: Az emlődaganatok farmakoterápiás lehetőségei.
GYÓGYSZERÉSZET, 65. pp. 93-99. ISSN 0017-6036 (2021)

Kuo, Ching-Ying, Schelz, Zsuzsanna, Tóth, Barbara, Vasas, Andrea, Ocsovszki, Imre, Chang, Fang-Rong, Hohmann, Judit, Zupkó, István, Wang, Hui-Chun: Investigation of natural phenanthrenes and the antiproliferative potential of juncusol in cervical cancer cell lines.
PHYTOMEDICINE, 58. Paper 152770-10 p. ISSN 0944-7113 (2019)

Mótyán, Gergő, Mérai, László, Kiss, Márton Attila, Schelz, Zsuzsanna, Sinka, Izabella, Nagyné Frank, Éva: Microwave-assisted synthesis of biologically relevant steroidal 17- exo -pyrazol-5'-ones from a norpregnene precursor by a side-chain elongation/heterocyclization sequence.
BEILSTEIN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 14. pp. 2589-2596. ISSN 1860-5397 (2018)

Schelz, Zsuzsanna, Ocsovszki, Imre, Bózsity, Noémi, Hohmann, Judit, Zupkó, István: Antiproliferative Effects of Various Furanoacridones Isolated from Ruta graveolens on Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines.
ANTICANCER RESEARCH, 36 (6). pp. 2751-2758. ISSN 0250-7005 (2016)

Kovács, Dóra Irén, Wölfling, János, Szabó, Nikoletta, Szécsi, Mihály, Schelz, Zsuzsanna, Zupkó, István, Nagyné, Frank Éva: Synthesis of novel 17-(4′-formyl)pyrazolylandrosta-5,16-dienes and their derivatives as potent 17α-hydroxylase/C17,20-lyase inhibitors or antiproliferative agents depending on the substitution pattern of the heteroring.
EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, 120. pp. 284-295. ISSN 0223-5234 (2016)

Schelz, Zsuzsanna, Hohmann, Judit, Molnár, József: Recent advances in research of antimicrobial effects of essential oils and plant derived compounds on bacteria.
In: Ethnomedicine: A Source of Complimentary Therapeutics. Research Signpost, Kerala, pp. 179-201. (2010) ISBN 9788130803906

Schelz, Zsuzsanna, Molnár, József, Hohmann, Judit: Antimicrobial and antiplasmid activities of essential oils.
FITOTERAPIA, 77 (4). pp. 279-285. ISSN 0367-326X (2006)

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