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Ötvös Sándor Balázs, Mészáros Rebeka Ildikó, Varga Gábor, Kocsis Marianna, Kónya Zoltán, Kukovecz Ákos, Pusztai Péter, Sipos Pál Miklós, Pálinkó István, Fülöp Ferenc: A mineralogically-inspired silver-bismuth hybrid material: an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for the direct synthesis of nitriles from terminal alkynes.
GREEN CHEMISTRY, 20 (5). pp. 1007-1019. ISSN 1463-9262 (2018)

Sápi András, Dobó Dorina Gabriella, Sebők Dániel, Halasi Gyula, Juhász Koppány Levente, Szamosvölgyi Ákos, Pusztai Péter, Varga Erika, Kálomista Ildikó, Galbács Gábor, Kukovecz Ákos, Kónya Zoltán: Silica Based Catalyst Supports Are Inert, Aren’t They? – Striking Differences in Ethanol Decomposition Reaction Originated from Meso- & Surface Fine Structure Evidenced by Small Angle X-ray Scattering.
JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 121 (9). pp. 5130-5136. ISSN 1932-7447 (2017)

Ajtai Tibor, Pintér Máté, Utry Noémi, Kiss-Albert Gergely, Gulyás G., Pusztai Péter, Puskás R., Bereczky Á., Szabados György, Szabó Gábor, Kónya Zoltán, Bozóki Zoltán: Characterisation of diesel particulate emission from engines using commercial diesel and biofuels.
Atmospheric Environment, 134. pp. 109-120. ISSN 1352-2310 (2016)

Varga Gábor, Ziegenheim Szilveszter, Muráth Szabolcs, Csendes Zita, Kukovecz Ákos, Kónya Zoltán, Carlson Stefan, Korecz László, Varga Erika, Pusztai Péter, Sipos Pál Miklós, Pálinkó István: Cu(II)-amino acid–CaAl-layered double hydroxide complexes, recyclable, efficient catalysts in various oxidative transformations.
JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR CATALYSIS A-CHEMICAL, 423. pp. 49-60. ISSN 1381-1169 (2016)

Varga Erika, Pusztai Péter, Oszkó Albert Zoltán, Baán Kornélia, Erdőhelyi András, Kónya Zoltán, Kiss János: Stability and Temperature-Induced Agglomeration of Rh Nanoparticles Supported by CeO2.
LANGMUIR, 32 (11). pp. 2761-2770. ISSN 0743-7463 (2016)

Varga Erika, Pusztai Péter, Óvári László, Oszkó Albert Zoltán, Erdőhelyi András, Papp C., Steinrück H.-P., Kónya Zoltán, Kiss János: Probing the interaction of Rh, Co and bimetallic Rh-Co nanoparticles with the CeO2 support: catalytic materials for alternative energy generation.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 17. pp. 27154-27166. ISSN 1463-9076 (2015)

Pusztai Péter, Haspel Henrik, Tóth Ildikó, Tombácz Etelka, László Krisztina, Kukovecz Ákos, Kónya Zoltán: Structure independent proton transport in cerium(III) phosphate nanowires.
ACS APPLIED MATERIALS AND INTERFACES, 7 (18). pp. 9947-9956. ISSN 1944-8244 (2015)

Pusztai Péter, Tóth-Szeles Eszter, Horváth Dezső, Tóth Ágota, Kukovecz Ákos, Kónya Zoltán: A simple method to control the formation mechanisms of cerium phosphate architectures.
CRYSTENGCOMM, 17. pp. 8477-8485. ISSN 1466-8033 (2015)

Kiss János, Pusztai Péter, Óvári László, Baán Kornélia, Merza Gabriella, Erdőhelyi András, Kukovecz Ákos, Kónya Zoltán: Decoration of titanate nanowires and nanotubes by gold nanoparticles: XPS, HRTEM and XRD characterization.
e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology, 12. pp. 252-258. ISSN 1348-0391 (2014)

Pusztai Péter, Kukovecz Ákos, Kónya Zoltán: Green synthesis of biomimetic CePO4:Tb nanostructures using the simplest morphology control.
RSC Advances, 4 (91). pp. 49879-49887. ISSN 2046-2069 (2014)

Pusztai Péter, Puskás Róbert, Varga Erika, Erdőhelyi András, Kukovecz Ákos, Kónya Zoltán, Kiss János: Influence of gold additives on the stability and phase transformation of titanate nanostructures.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 16 (48). pp. 26786-26797. ISSN 1463-9076 (2014)

Kmetykó Ákos, Mogyorósi Károly, Pusztai Péter, Radu Teodora, Kónya Zoltán, Dombi András, Hernádi Klára: Photocatalytic H2 Evolution Using Different Commercial TiO2 Catalysts Deposited with Finely Size-Tailored Au Nanoparticles: Critical Dependence on Au Particle Size.
Materials, 7 (12). pp. 7615-7633. ISSN 1996-1944 (2014)

Kmetykó Ákos, Mogyorósi Károly, Gerse Viktória, Kónya Zoltán, Pusztai Péter, Dombi András, Hernádi Klára: Photocatalytic H2 Production Using Pt-TiO2 in the Presence of Oxalic Acid: Influence of the Noble Metal Size and the Carrier Gas Flow Rate.
Materials, 7 (10). pp. 7022-7038. ISSN 1996-1944 (2014)

Gazsi Andrea, Schubert Gábor, Pusztai Péter, Solymosi Frigyes: Photocatalytic decomposition of formic acid and methyl formate on TiO2 doped with N and promoted with Au: production of H2.
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 38 (19). pp. 7756-7766. ISSN 0360-3199 (2013)

Pusztai Péter, Simon Tímea, Kukovecz Ákos, Kónya Zoltán: Structural stability test of hexagonal CePO4 nanowires synthesized at ambient temperature.
Journal of Molecular Structure, 1044. pp. 94-98. ISSN 0022-2860 (2013)

Szabó Mária, Pusztai Péter, Leino Anne-Riikka, Kordás Krisztián, Kónya Zoltán, Kukovecz Ákos: Synthesis and characterization of WO3 nanowires and metal nanoparticle-WO3 nanowire composites.
Journal of Molecular Structure, 1044. pp. 99-103. ISSN 0022-2860 (2013)

Mohl Melinda, Pusztai Péter, Kukovecz Ákos, Kónya Zoltán, Kukkola Jarmo, Kordás Krisztián, Vajtai Róbert, Ajayan Pulickel M.: Low-Temperature Large-Scale Synthesis and Electrical Testing of Ultralong Copper Nanowires.
Langmuir, 26 (21). pp. 16496-16502. ISSN 0743-7463 (2010)

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