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Varga Marcell, Gati N., Kassai Tamás, Papp S., Pintér Sándor: Intraoperative sonography may reduce the risk of extensor pollicis longus tendon injury during dorsal entry elastic intramedullary nailing of the radius in children.
MEDICINE, 97 (24). Paper e11167. ISSN 0025-7974, 1536-5964 (2018)

Gloviczki Balázs, Török Dénes G., Márton Gábor, Gál László, Bodzay Tamás, Pintér Sándor, Nógrádi Antal: Delayed Spinal Cord–Brachial Plexus Reconnection after C7 Ventral Root Avulsion: The Effect of Reinnervating Motoneurons Rescued by Riluzole Treatment.
Journal of Neurotrauma, 34 (15). pp. 2364-2374. ISSN 0897-7151 (2017)

Körmöndi Sándor Pál, Terhes Gabriella, Pintér Sándor, Zsoldiné Urbán Edit: Granulomatous Propionibacterium acnes infection after trauma surgery.
ANAEROBE, 17 (5). pp. 259-261. ISSN 1075-9964 (2011)

Karg Eszter, Németh Ilona, Horányi Margit, Pintér Sándor, Vécsei László, Hollán Zsuzsa: Diminished blood levels of reduced glutathione and alpha-tocopherol in two triosephosphate isomerase-deficient brothers.
BLOOD CELLS MOLECULES AND DISEASES, 26 (1). pp. 91-100. ISSN 1079-9796 (2000)

Karg Eszter, Klivényi Péter, Németh Ilona, Bencsik Krisztina, Pintér Sándor, Vécsei László: Nonenzymatic antioxidants of blood in multiple sclerosis.
JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY, 246 (7). pp. 533-539. ISSN 0340-5354 (1999)

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